Outdoor furniture covers protect your outdoor patio furniture, protecting it from wearing down.

Outdoor Furniture Covers Protect Your Investment

Keep Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Looking Good As New For Years To Come With cold, rainy weather in the forecast, now is a good time to invest in outdoor furniture covers. Strong winds and persistent rain can take quite the toll on outdoor furniture, so protecting the investment you’ve made is worthwhile. Covering your furniture […]

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Outdoor Furniture Covers: Not Just for Winter

When Summer Rolls Around, Keep Those Furniture Covers Handy The summer is here, and you can finally take your patio set out of storage if you haven’t already (in Ottawa, no one would blame you for hesitating—after all, how certain can you be that a freak snow storm won’t hit?). But if you’ve pack away […]

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Outdoor furniture covers

What to Look for When Choosing Outdoor Furniture Covers

Finding the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers is Just as Important as Choosing the Right Patio Set Patio furniture can be costly and most homeowners see a good-quality patio set as an investment that should be properly cared for in order to make it last as long as possible. Some people are able to store their […]

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How to Maintain and Store Your Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever Umbrellas Need Special Care and Storage Too. Here Are Some Tips! When winter rears it’s cold and snowy head, it’s time to pack up the summer patio furniture until next season. Although we often think to protect the large items such as chairs and tables with outdoor furniture covers, other items, such as your […]

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The Best Winter Outdoor Furniture Covers

Keep Your Ottawa Patio Furniture Safe This Winter with the Right Cover Winter is coming—well, eventually. It may be unseasonably warm, but at some point this year, snow and ice will creep into the city of Ottawa, patio furniture everywhere should be prepared and guarded against the harshness of these environmental factors. Fortunately for you, […]

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How to Protect Your Wicker Patio Furniture This Winter

The Right Outdoor Furniture Covers Can Shield Your Furniture from Harsh Conditions Perhaps the mild fall weather has pushed winter planning to the back of your mind. Now, you have outdoor furniture that needs storing. Although some solid wood or metal pieces can stand up to the weather, your wicker patio furniture needs a little […]

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Caring for Wicker Patio Furniture

A Little Care and the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers Go a Long Way Have you ever just stared at your wicker patio furniture, scratching your head, wondering, “How exactly do I care for and maintain this stuff?” Well we’re here to answer those questions and help you get the most out of your furniture investment, […]

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Outdoor Wicker Furniture Maintenance Tips

4 Ways to Keep Your Wicker Furniture Looking as Good as New Wicker is a weaving technique that can use many different types of wood, grass, or paper to create a piece of furniture. Outdoor wicker furniture is manufactured with strong materials so that it can be outside for long periods of time. Although this […]

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Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

From the Right Cleaning Products to Outdoor Furniture Covers, Make Your Patio Set Last What’s the best feature, in your opinion, of your cast aluminum outdoor furniture? You can have a second to think about it. Some of you may answer that you love its timeless look. Others will likely go for how sturdy and […]

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Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture: Durability, Versatility, Style

Living in Ottawa has a lot of perks. But while we have amazing summers and beautiful winters, unfortunately we also have to deal with extreme temperature changes. We go from 40°C in the summer to -40°C in the winter. These extreme changes in temperature can easily damage outdoor patio furniture if it’s not properly protected. […]

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