Outdoor furniture covers protect your outdoor patio furniture, protecting it from wearing down.

Outdoor Furniture Covers Protect Your Investment

Keep Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Looking Good As New For Years To Come With cold, rainy weather in the forecast, now is a good time to invest in outdoor furniture covers. Strong winds and persistent rain can take quite the toll on outdoor furniture, so protecting the investment you’ve made is worthwhile. Covering your furniture […]

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Fall Options For Outdoor Patio Furniture

Looking At Outdoor Patio Furniture Options For Ottawa’s Fall Weather Fall’s here, which means it’s getting colder and colder at night. That just means it’s a perfect time to sit around a cozy and comfortable fire pit on a crisp fall evening in Ottawa! Pairing your fire pit with durable and stylish outdoor patio furniture […]

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Sling patio furniture should be cleaned before storage to ensure it lasts for years.

Sling Patio Furniture Cleaning And Storage

Get The Most Out Of Your Sling Patio Furniture With These Maintenance Tips Fall is fast approaching which unfortunately means patio season is coming to a close. What this also means, besides having to bundle up for cooler weather, is that all that patio furniture will need to be put away for the season. Having […]

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Teak furniture in Ottawa makes for long-lasting and stylish patios.

The Many Benefits of Teak Furniture

Weatherproof, Stylish, And Durable, Teak Furniture Is Great For Ottawa Patios With the right chairs and tables, patio furniture can really tie your whole backyard and deck together, adding character to your home in the process. Figuring out exactly what sort of furniture you want to use can be a challenge, but picking teak is […]

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Fire pits in Ottawa fall under certain regulations and bylaws. Find out what you need to know.

Ottawa Fire Pit Placement

Tips To Safely Set Up Your Fire Pit In Your Ottawa Backyard Fire pits add a warm ambiance to backyards, especially during cool nights. However, where you can install your fire pit depends on a few factors. Here are some tips to safely and conveniently set up your fire pit in Ottawa: Check Regulations The […]

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Cast aluminum outdoor furniture is a stylish option to add comfort to your patio.

It’s Not Your Grandma’s Furniture!

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture is a Stylish Option for Your Patio Today’s aluminum furniture is not your grandma’s outdoor furniture! Back in the 1960s, aluminum furniture was made from hollow-core tubular frame pieces. While it was lightweight, it was not particularly stable. Modern cast aluminum outdoor furniture is both trendy and durable. It also requires […]

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A cantilever umbrella is a great option for an umbrella in a small space.

Cantilever Umbrella FAQs

What You Need To Know About The Cantilever Umbrella And Patio Style If you’re shopping for a new patio set, no doubt you’ve heard about the cantilever umbrella. So much more than a stylish addition to your patio, cantilever umbrellas are functional, versatile, and helpful additions to any backyard. But what’s the big deal about […]

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Outdoor fire pits add a stylish feature for your Ottawa patio

Ottawa Fire Pits And Teak Furniture

Teak Furniture Is the Perfect Pairing For An Ottawa Fire Pit It’s finally here – summer has arrived in Ottawa, and the weather can’t be beat. Nothing beats unwinding after a day in the city quite like relaxing with friends around a fire pit. An outdoor fire pit is a great way to light up […]

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Replace or repair your patio chair?

Sling Patio Furniture: Refurbish Or Replace?

How Much Wear Is Too Much To Repair, And How Much Is Enough To Replace? It’s a fairly common practice for people to replace things that could easily have been repaired or refurbished, a measure that can often save quite a lot of money. The issue is that most folks don’t know when something is […]

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outdoor furniture covers

Outdoor Furniture Covers: Not Just for Winter

When Summer Rolls Around, Keep Those Furniture Covers Handy The summer is here, and you can finally take your patio set out of storage if you haven’t already (in Ottawa, no one would blame you for hesitating—after all, how certain can you be that a freak snow storm won’t hit?). But if you’ve pack away […]

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