The Best Winter Outdoor Furniture Covers

Keep Your Ottawa Patio Furniture Safe This Winter with the Right Cover Winter is coming—well, eventually. It may be unseasonably warm, but at some point this year, snow and ice will creep into the city of Ottawa, patio furniture everywhere should be prepared and guarded against the harshness of these environmental factors. Fortunately for you, […]

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How to Protect Your Wicker Patio Furniture This Winter

The Right Outdoor Furniture Covers Can Shield Your Furniture from Harsh Conditions Perhaps the mild fall weather has pushed winter planning to the back of your mind. Now, you have outdoor furniture that needs storing. Although some solid wood or metal pieces can stand up to the weather, your wicker patio furniture needs a little […]

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Ottawa Patio Furniture Winter Care Tips

Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from Ottawa’s Cold Weather Unless you’ve been living in the Bahamas for the past month, you may have noticed a distinct chill slowly creeping into the air. We’ve been lucky to have a mild autumn this year with more rain than snow so far, but make no mistake, winter will be […]

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Caring for Wicker Patio Furniture

A Little Care and the Right Outdoor Furniture Covers Go a Long Way Have you ever just stared at your wicker patio furniture, scratching your head, wondering, “How exactly do I care for and maintain this stuff?” Well we’re here to answer those questions and help you get the most out of your furniture investment, […]

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cantilever umbrella, cast aluminum outdoor furniture

How to Clean Your Cantilever Umbrella

Learn How to Clean the Umbrella from Your Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Set Your patio furniture is often the focal point of an outdoor space. This is where you entertain guests, eat, relax, and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Properly caring for your cast aluminum outdoor furniture set will ensure many years with your investment. […]

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Outdoor Wicker Furniture Maintenance Tips

4 Ways to Keep Your Wicker Furniture Looking as Good as New Wicker is a weaving technique that can use many different types of wood, grass, or paper to create a piece of furniture. Outdoor wicker furniture is manufactured with strong materials so that it can be outside for long periods of time. Although this […]

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kid worried about safe outdoor patio furniture

Child-Friendly Outdoor Patio Furniture

Ottawa Outdoor Furniture Retailers Help Create a Patio for the Whole Family When you have kids, you notice a funny sort of thing happening. Suddenly, you view the whole world through a different lens. Where once you saw something ordinary and commonplace, you begin asking yourself, “Is that space safe for an energetic little tyke […]

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Swimming Pool Repairs: How To Avoid Damage

From Cantilever Umbrellas to DIY: Patio Upgrades

Spruce Up Your Patio with Everything from Repurposed Outdoor Furniture Covers to DIY Herb Gardens A good patio is like a fulfilled life: it’s a constant work in progress. To make the most out of it, you never really stop working at the little details here and there that make it extra special. Maybe one […]

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Wicker Patio Furniture Can Help Create a Patio Theme

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Can Give Your Patio an Upgrade Canadians can only enjoy patio season for a few prime months before the outdoor wicker furniture is put away to protect it from the cold and rain. Make those beautiful days count with a memorable design theme. Yes, your patio can have a theme, and wicker […]

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cast aluminum outdoor furniture

Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Care Tips

From the Right Cleaning Products to Outdoor Furniture Covers, Make Your Patio Set Last What’s the best feature, in your opinion, of your cast aluminum outdoor furniture? You can have a second to think about it. Some of you may answer that you love its timeless look. Others will likely go for how sturdy and […]

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