Teak offers some great advantages over other forms of outdoor furniture in the summer months and is a popular choice for outdoor living in Ottawa. Due to teak’s resistance to heat, you will not have to worry about sitting on hot furniture during a sweltering summer day. Teak patio sets are also durable in all weather due to its natural oil content and resistance against rot, allowing them to be left outside.

Teak is perfect for creating either a casual or contemporary look for your patio or outdoor dining area. Visit our Ottawa location on Richmond Road today for our full range and seasonal specials.


When it comes to outdoor furniture, teak is the most durable wood you can find and has an endless list of advantages over other materials.

Teak is an extremely dense and oily wood that can last for years with very little maintenance. Its high oil content makes it resistant to heat, cold, water, mildew and pests such as termites, making it ideal for outdoor patios and backyards.

It can even be left outside in any climate all year long and withstand years of rain, wind, and snow.


Caring for
Teak During the Winter

Since it is incredibly tough and durable, teak furniture can be left outdoors all year round, even in extreme weather conditions.

However, if you decide to leave your teak furniture outside over the winter uncovered, give it a good cleaning in the spring before you go to use it for the first time of the season.

If you wish to bring your teak patio furniture inside or cover it during the winter, be sure to use a cover that won’t trap any moisture to prevent mould from growing on the wood’s exterior.

Preserving Its Colour

Left untreated, teak furniture will naturally fade to a silvery colour. This colour change is merely cosmetic and does not affect the quality or structural integrity of the wood.

However, if you prefer that your teak furniture maintains its original, golden honey colour, it can be achieved.

Once the teak has developed that greyish colour, scrub the surface of the wood using a teak cleaner and lightly sand it. Afterwards, apply teak oil to prevent the color from fading any further. This process will need repeating two to three months to maintain the colour.

Keeping Teak Furniture Clean

Cleaning your teak furniture on a regular basis will help prevent mildew and discoloration. For mild dirt and stains, wash your teak with a mild soap and water mixed with some bleach or vinegar. Also make sure that you use a soft plastic brush as metal can scratch and damage the surface of the wood. For harder to remove stains, try using a store-bought teak cleaner.




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