A beautiful patio with dark outdoor furniture overlooks a crowded beach in the background.

Summer-Ready Outdoor Furniture and Patio Designs

How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space to Enjoy All Summer Long It’s summertime, and you want to build the perfect outdoor living space. Where do you start? While there are many factors to consider, it’s not difficult to create your own backyard escape. You just need to plan carefully to ensure you make the […]

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Sling patio furniture should be cleaned before storage to ensure it lasts for years.

Sling Patio Furniture Cleaning And Storage

Get The Most Out Of Your Sling Patio Furniture With These Maintenance Tips Fall is fast approaching which unfortunately means patio season is coming to a close. What this also means, besides having to bundle up for cooler weather, is that all that patio furniture will need to be put away for the season. Having […]

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Replace or repair your patio chair?

Sling Patio Furniture: Refurbish Or Replace?

How Much Wear Is Too Much To Repair, And How Much Is Enough To Replace? It’s a fairly common practice for people to replace things that could easily have been repaired or refurbished, a measure that can often save quite a lot of money. The issue is that most folks don’t know when something is […]

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