Grey poolside patio furniture set under a wooden structure

How to Protect Your Patio Furniture From the Sun

We love the sun, but the sun doesn’t always love us back. It burns our skin, melts our ice cream, and turns car seats into infernos. Unfortunately for homeowners, there’s one more way that the sun wreaks havoc: to our furniture. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true – the sun will slowly cause most outdoor furniture’s […]

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Tan furniture set on a patio with trees in the background

How to Find Your Outdoor Furniture Style

Choose Unique Patio Furniture That Complements Your Home A patio is the most important component of any homeowner’s outdoor space. So, how can you decorate your patio to bring out your sense of style and complement the rest of your home? This article will provide different patio style options to consider, whether you are a […]

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Creative Ways to Use Your Patio

Give Your Patio a Creative Makeover With These Summer-Ready Ideas A patio is more than a slab of concrete in your backyard. It’s a homeowner’s favourite outdoor space, and it’s where people can express themselves through their living space. For homeowners who wish to make their patio truly stand out, there are plenty of options. […]

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Patio dining set

Keep Your Outdoor Teak Furniture In Top Condition

A Guide to Maintaining Teak Furniture On Your Patio Are you looking for a type of patio furniture that won’t wear down after a single snowstorm? Teak is the answer you’ve been looking for. Teak is a beautiful and unique type of wood that is commonly used in for high-quality home products. This oily wood […]

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a small four piece patio set with fireplace in the backyard

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Investing in Patio Furniture

Avoid Getting Stuck with The Wrong Patio Furniture New furniture can breathe life into your backyard. Choosing new outdoor pieces can be exciting, but unfortunately, plenty of shoppers end up regretting their choices. Shoppers sometimes make costly mistakes, forgetting to consider important traits when selecting furniture. Avoid making these mistakes to end up with furniture […]

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How To Maintain Wicker Patio Furniture

Is It Time To Replace Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture? Wicker is a great material for your patio’s furniture. It’s comfortable, durable, and creates a welcoming atmosphere with its classic cottage-ready design. Wicker furniture can last a long time, but you’ll need to give it proper care to ensure that it remains durable and keeps its […]

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backyard of a modern home with white contemporary patio furniture and an inground swimming pool

Patio Trends for 2021

How to Give Your Patio a Marvelous Makeover If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your patio, 2021 is the right year to do it. There are plenty of easy and exciting ways to transform your patio into the ultimate living space, from botanical designs to award-winning colour schemes. This list includes the newest, most stylish […]

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open, clean patio with lots of modern furniture and seating areas

Ways to Upgrade Your Patio For Entertaining Guests

Additions To Your Patio That Guests Will Love Regardless of the season, there’s no better feeling than being able to spend time outdoors and showing off your space when entertaining your guests. But if your patio parties are starting to feel a bit basic, why not kick things up a notch and turn your space […]

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side by side imaes of a small patio beautifully decorated with furniture and a fire pit

Tips for Furnishing Your Small Balcony

Tips for Transforming a Small Balcony into An Oasis Apartment and condo living is great, but it can be difficult to have a small balcony and not know what to do with it. Small balconies can feel limiting, but with the help of expert furnishing companies that specialize in patio furniture like Patio Comfort in […]

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warm patio lit up in the fall wit a compact outdoor gas firepit

Year-Round Patio Season

How to Extend Your Patio Season into the Fall As the year passes and we’re spending more time at home, it is crucial to keep our home space interesting since external entertainment is limited. Home time is family time, and there are memories there that will someday be cherished. So why not pair them with […]

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