cantilever umbrella

Creative Winter Uses For Your Cantilever Umbrella

In Ottawa, outdoor furniture isn’t traditionally used for most of the year. Anywhere between October and May, it’s usually too cold with too much snow for Canadians to spend much time outside enjoying the sunshine. So what do you do with all of the patio furniture you bought for those short summer months? Surely there […]

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cast aluminum outdoor furniture

Why Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Can Be The Perfect Addition To Your Backyard

A backyard is more than just a lawn. It’s where families reconnect, where friends get together, where children make their first catch, skate, dive or cartwheel. It’s where you can relax in the warmth of the summer sun and bask in the beauty of the winter snow. All of these things already make a backyard […]

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Patio furniture Ottawa

Painting A Pretty Picture: Patio Style

The sun is shining, the grass is green, and it’s finally warm enough for you to spend extended periods of time outside – it’s summertime! Along with summer comes the desire to eat popsicles, jump in the pool, get a tan, and basically enjoy your backyard once again. Now, what’s stopping you? Patio furniture or […]

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swimming pool equipment, swimming pool safety covers

Preparing For Winter: Outdoors Patio Furniture Covers

Winter is coming. There’s no sense in denying it, although each year around this time we try. The fact is, the coldest and longest season in Canada is just around the corner and it won’t make a difference whether you’re ready for it or not, the temperatures will still drop, the days will still get […]

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Cantilever umbrella set up in the backyard patio of a home.

Patio Umbrellas For Small Spaces: The Cantilever Umbrella

Stay Cool in a Small Space With These Ideal Umbrellas In a big city like Ottawa, large outdoor spaces can be hard to come by. Some people get lucky with a small backyard or some sort of rooftop garden, but most of us are stuck with tiny apartment balconies, several stories above the ground and […]

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Create a Rustic-Chic Backyard with Outdoor Wicker Furniture

If you’re looking to landscape your backyard, consider employing a rustic-chic theme. It’s a beautiful look that mixes naturalistic elements with geometrical forms, often creating a warm, antique feel. A table made of unrefined wooden planks topped with a circular glass plate is an example of rustic furniture. As hinted above, choosing décor pieces are […]

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A Little Piece Of Heaven In Your Own Backyard

Another season comes and goes and so does another trend. But, your patio furniture remains. Here are some helpful tips to consider when purchasing new outdoor furniture. Make your patio your own. Every spring there’s a new trend that makes your backyard look inadequate. The average Canadian can’t afford to buy new patio furniture year […]

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outdoor patio furniture cover

Taking care of your outdoor furniture in Ottawa

It’s great to have an outdoor living space for enjoying the summer. The popularity of complete outdoor living rooms, and even outdoor furniture covers coordinated with rugs, in stores and in backyards is a testament to their immense popularity. With the fall coming, many people are wondering about how to winter-store their outdoor furniture. Let’s […]

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Clear sky

Cantilever Umbrella: A Shade Solution

Summertime is great – with the warm weather, the longer days and general sense of relaxation, there aren’t many people who would argue otherwise! However, as great as the strong, summer sunshine is, sometimes you need to get away from it for just a little while. Protecting yourself from the sun’s intense rays is not […]

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Outdoor Wicker Furniture

From Egypt to North America: How Wicker Has Traveled Through Time to Become Your Outdoor Patio Furniture of Choice

Archaeologists uncovered the first traces of wicker while excavating Egyptian ruins dating back to 3000 B.C., the materials used were mostly reed and swamp grasses, which grew along the Nile River. Wicker items have been found scattered throughout ancient times with evidence of particular widespread in Rome. Historians believe the popularity of wicker furniture declined […]

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