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Spruce Up Your Patio with Everything from Repurposed Outdoor Furniture Covers to DIY Herb Gardens

A good patio is like a fulfilled life: it’s a constant work in progress. To make the most out of it, you never really stop working at the little details here and there that make it extra special. Maybe one summer you feel a new cantilever umbrella and some new outdoor furniture covers are of the utmost importance, and the next summer, it’s all about refreshing the interlock brick work. You’re devoted to your patio, and you’re looking for some simple ways to spruce it up this year. Well, you’ve come to the right place—here’s a list of some of the best ways to add a simple upgrade to your patio this summer.

Get Culinary—in the Garden

You love to cook, whether in the kitchen, or out on the patio over a barbecue or fire pit. Why not spice things up—by growing your own spices? Whether you have garden space or individual planters (more on those below), planting herbs and spices like basil, oregano, and more is the best way to ensure a steady supply of flavour on your table at all times. Do you prefer the taste of homemade tomato sauce over the stuff that comes in a can? Why not grow your own tomato vines, perfect for DIY sandwich toppings, pasta sauce, and a little homemade pizza.

Repurpose and DIY

Repurposing old, used, and found items is nothing new—but have you considered doing it on your patio? If you love your old chairs but just don’t feel the same about that colour as you did in 2006, spray-painting them in bright or pastel colours can breathe new life into them. Paint an old wooden step ladder and keep potted plants on it—you can even use old china teapots, fishbowls, and more as planters! If you’re in need of new outdoor furniture covers because the old ones can’t keep up anymore, then salvage any usable material from the original after buying a new one. Your old outdoor furniture cover might be the makings of a new seat cover, a tablecloth, or more. Just make sure to wash it first!

Create a Space that’s All Yours

Considering most people use their patio for entertaining friends and family, you’d be amazed how many people neglect to leave a space just for themselves. Why not make your own little nook for rest and relaxation? A lounge-worthy chair, an ottoman, and a cantilever umbrella make a perfect spot to read, relax, tan, or just get a little peace and quiet. A cantilever umbrella, in particular, makes a perfect addition to your personal spot—it provides ample shade when you need it, but as soon as you want to soak the sun’s rays in, you can easily reposition it to let the light in.

With a little creativity and vision, you can continue making your patio a place you love to spend time!