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kid worried about safe outdoor patio furniture

Ottawa Outdoor Furniture Retailers Help Create a Patio for the Whole Family

kid worried about safe outdoor patio furnitureWhen you have kids, you notice a funny sort of thing happening. Suddenly, you view the whole world through a different lens. Where once you saw something ordinary and commonplace, you begin asking yourself, “Is that space safe for an energetic little tyke to run around in? Is this good for my kids? Will they be happy?” Suddenly, your concerns are different, and even outdoor patio furniture will suddenly require much more thought. After all, when you bought this house with the big yard and gorgeous patio, you had your future children in mind. Retailers of outdoor furniture offer up these tips for making your patio a child-friendly environment.

Mind the Seating

This comes down to a good deal more than just simply making sure there are small chairs and a kids’ table on your patio. You’re going to have to think about the kind and varieties of outdoor patio furniture you use—especially as your infants become toddlers and beyond. They’ll be full of unimaginable amounts of energy, and will love to walk and run and laugh and play—until they run face-first into one of your chairs or tables. After all, you can’t have your eye on them at every second. Materials like cast aluminum and wrought iron, especially with any decorative flourishes, can cause harm to small children and should be packed away for the future. A great alternative in outdoor furniture for Ottawa families is wicker. It’s plenty sturdy, but incredibly light weight with typically rounded edges. When you kid runs face-first into a wicker chair, it’s more likely to get knocked over than they are!

Make It Inviting and Fun

A family-friendly patio isn’t just a safe one—it’s one that the entire family enjoys spending time in. Let’s start with a classic piece of outdoor furniture Ottawa families have loved for generations. Of course we’re talking about the hammock! This is a great place to snuggle up with your young one and a great book for story time in the sun. Just make sure that they can’t get tangled up in it when you’re not around to supervise.

Other great ideas include setting up a special space on the patio just for them, such as a little nook with a beanbag chair for example. Then there are the off-patio classics for the yard itself, including adding a sandbox (hours of fun, a little bit of cleanup), a swing set, or a see-saw. The only hard and fast rule is this: make it wonderful. With the right outdoor patio furniture and plenty of creativity, you can make the perfect patio for the whole family to enjoy.