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outdoor wicker furniture

4 Ways to Keep Your Wicker Furniture Looking as Good as New

outdoor wicker furnitureWicker is a weaving technique that can use many different types of wood, grass, or paper to create a piece of furniture. Outdoor wicker furniture is manufactured with strong materials so that it can be outside for long periods of time. Although this furniture typically requires minimal maintenance, there are still ways for you to get the most out of your pieces. Here are four ways to make your outdoor wicker furniture last longer:

1. Regular Dusting and Cleaning

Occasionally brushing and dusting off your furniture can go a long way in protecting your investment. Dust and dirt that is allowed to collect in the crevices could lead to mildew and begin to break down your wicker chairs and couches. Most people use a vacuum, dusting cloth, or a damp rag for tough areas to wipe down their furniture. You could also use furniture covers outdoors to prevent dust and dirt from settling on the pieces. Keeping it clean will help to avoid mildew and prevent the fibers from breaking down and decaying, thus protecting your investment.

2. Be Wary of Climate Effects

Be aware of how the weather can affect the materials that your wicker outdoor furniture is made of. For example in cold temperatures your furniture can become stiff and brittle, while on a hot summer day the material can become more flexible and prone to stretching out. To protect your furniture from the elements you can use outdoor furniture covers, or move it to a covered area. This will keep the elements at bay while your fixtures are not being used.

3. Inspect Your Furniture

Try to inspect your furniture once per season. This will allow you to see how the weather is affecting it and how dirty or dusty it has become. Make sure you are paying attention to any shifting that could happen with the weave. If you notice something, you can always try to reposition the weave with your hands. Seasonal inspections will help you determine what care is needed for outdoor wicker furniture in your area. For example if you notice your neighborhood is very dusty or there is a lot of direct sunlight, consider using covers for your outdoor furniture to protect the materials.

4. Touch Up the Finishing on Your Furniture

Wicker chairs and couches are often painted or stained and this can become damaged or fade over the years. By re-painting and re-finishing your outdoor furniture you are applying another layer of protection from the elements. Consult your local hardware store or the manufacturer to see what will be best for your patio set.

Outdoor wicker furniture is a beautiful accent piece for any patio or backyard. By regularly cleaning the wicker, using outdoor furniture covers, inspecting the pieces, and retouching the paint you will ensure your investment lasts for years.