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patio furniture Ottawa

With the brilliant, bright, and warm Ottawa summer right around the corner, you’ve likely suddenly become gripped with an undeniable urge to spend more and more of your time outdoors. Maybe you’ve started walking to the store instead of driving, or tuned up your bicycle and taken it out of the garage. And then there’s the imperative to put your yard space to some use. Whether you’re installing a new patio or updating your old one, there is a lot to consider when shopping for patio furniture in Ottawa. For example:


Before you can even think about colour schemes and style, you’ve got to stop and think about how exactly you’re going to use your patio. This will determine everything from size and layout to your selection of outdoor furniture. Ottawa families often love to barbecue and eat on their back deck. But perhaps you also like to sunbathe or read your favourite book – in which case, do you want a reclining chair, or a hammock? And if you entertain guests, a smaller table where you can have intimate conversations or play card games is a perfect touch. Think about how you will use the space, and then find the appropriate patio furniture in Ottawa.


There are all sorts of ways to impact the mood that your outdoor space creates, and having figured out functional outdoor furniture, Ottawa residents can now start thinking about colour and design. If you use your patio at night, you don’t just have to settle for any old lamp. Try to add vibrant warmth with Asian-influenced paper lamps in warm reds, yellows, and oranges, and dress your furniture to match. If you’re going for a back-to-nature feel, consider lining the space with trellises hung with vines, with wooden furniture and dark, deep greens in the cushions and other accessories. The sky is the limit for what mood you can create when you combine the right plants, accessories, and patio furniture. Ottawa residents who are unsure of how to create the desired mood can always consult their local experts for a helping hand in bringing their dream patio to life.


No outdoor experience is complete without some flora – otherwise we’d just stay inside and crack a window! We mentioned earlier hanging vines on trellises, but it doesn’t end there. To really complete a space, make sure you leave room for plant life, either on the patio or around it. For the innovative barbecue whiz, try planting a small garden of vegetables, herbs, and spices that you can use in your grilling – now that’s a multi-function outdoor space!

With the right ingredients, from plants and flowers to the perfect outdoor furniture, Ottawa homeowners can create a space that works for them, and that they enjoy spending time in.