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cantilever umbrella, cast aluminum outdoor furniture

Learn How to Clean the Umbrella from Your Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Set

Your patio furniture is often the focal point of an outdoor space. This is where you entertain guests, eat, relax, and enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Properly caring for your cast aluminum outdoor furniture set will ensure many years with your investment. Here are some tips for cleaning and caring for your cantilever umbrella.


Light cleaning, like clearing debris off your cast aluminum outdoor furniture set umbrella can be done all season long. Heavier cleaning, like washing the fabric, should be done once a year after summer is done but before you pack up your patio furniture for the winter.

Clear debris

When you’re enjoying your cantilever umbrella, make sure to carefully clear any debris like rocks, leaves, and twigs from the top of the umbrella. Allowing debris to sit on your umbrella leads to water pooling and mildew forming, which can lead to fabric damage. Debris can also cause rips in the fabric so it’s very important to remove it from your umbrella as soon as you notice it’s there.

Washing the fabric

There are two different fabrics often used for cantilever umbrellas, vinyl and canvas. To clean a vinyl umbrella, first try using a gentle cleaning solution of mild soap (liquid or powder laundry detergent) and warm water. Use a soft bristled brush to gently wash the fabric. This mild solution should be able to remove most of the grim and dirt from your umbrella. It is also possible to buy specialized cleaning products from your local patio furniture store. Once the fabric is cleaned it should be air dried. Make sure you don’t use artificial heat like a hair dryer because it can melt the vinyl.

To clean a canvas umbrella, first soak the fabric in a bucket filled with cold water. Then, while wearing protective gloves, mix water and rubbing alcohol together for a cleaning solution. Using a soft white cloth to scrub the canvas covering every hem and fold line on the inside and outside of the umbrella. Rinse the canvas in cold water and let it air dry on the umbrella. Make sure the fabric is completely dry before it is packaged for storage. This will reduce the risk of mildew forming on the fabric.

Cleaning the stand and base

To clean the stand and base of an umbrella in a cast aluminum outdoor furniture set, simply take a solution of mild detergent and warm water, then wash the structure. To remove the most dirt and grime from the structure, take apart the main unit as much as possible and wash each section. Again, make sure that all the pieces are dry before it’s placed in storage. This is very important if the stand and base are made of metal to avoid rust.

By following the proper cleaning regime and caring for your cantilever umbrella, you’ll be able to enjoy it for many years to come.