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Defeat Ottawa’s fickle weather and household pests with these tips!

Outdoor furniture requires significant amount of care and maintenance – but in a city like Ottawa where temperatures can change by 20 degrees overnight and go from sunny skies to ferocious thunderstorms in minutes – our work is certainly cut out for us. From tables to chairs to the cushions, here’s how you can ensure your patio gear remains BBQ ready.

Cover it

The simplest and most effective measure. Spend a bit of money on a quality cover to keep your outdoor furniture and cushions free from moisture and dust, the Ottawa elements, and also help prevent fading.

Bring it in

When it comes to winter, a cover may not be enough for your outdoor furniture in Ottawa. At the very least, bring in your cushions.

Fade resistant fabric

If you have some room in your budget, go with a brand that creates fade-resistant cushions for your outdoor furniture in Ottawa. It will be easier to care for and maintain for years, making them well worth the investment.

Prepare for the fade

If you don’t have the money for fade-resistant fabric cushions, prepare for the fact that your cushions may fade. You can lessen the impact of fading by rotating the cushions regularly. This will allow for an even fade and help you avoid light and dark patches.

Cleaning your cushions

When debris such as leaves or dirt land on your outdoor furniture from a windy Ottawa day or even a leaf blower, use a soft brush or dry white towel to dust off the cushions before use.


The family pet may spend as much time as you, or more, on your outdoor furniture cushions. Pet fur can be stubborn to get rid of as it makes its way into the fabric fibres. Regular maintenance of your cushions should include a vacuuming to get out as much of the hair as possible.

Rainy days

If you forgot (or were just too deep into your Netflix marathon) to bring the cushions in during the rain, stand them on their edge afterwards so the water will drain out quickly. This helps prevent mold and mildew from forming and prolong the life of the foam and fabric.

Spills and stains

They will happen. Your outdoor furniture may experience some spills- barbeque sauce, wine, potato salad. Your best bet is to deal with any accidents immediately. Spot clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent before they set. Some stains may be a bit more stubborn to remove so refer to a stain removal guide.

Wash and dry

Most outdoor furniture cushion covers are removable. If you can, periodically wash them in cold water using a mild detergent. Be careful when drying the covers – never tumble dry as it will encourage shrinkage. Always dry flat. Any wrinkles will smooth out when the covers are back on the cushions.