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If you’re looking to landscape your backyard, consider employing a rustic-chic theme. It’s a beautiful look that mixes naturalistic elements with geometrical forms, often creating a warm, antique feel. A table made of unrefined wooden planks topped with a circular glass plate is an example of rustic furniture.

As hinted above, choosing décor pieces are essential to creating a rustic-chic backyard. Wicker patio furniture matches perfectly to a rustic-themed backyard for a good number of reasons.


Wicker patio furniture creates a rustic look because of its appearance. Wicker isn’t the actual plant used to make the furniture, but instead, it describes the weaving of plant material. When used in combination with modern materials of steel or glass, outdoor wicker furniture definitely succeeds in creating a balanced combination of nature and man-made elements.


Another great thing about outdoor wicker furniture is the fact they’re extremely durable. Wicker, the material itself, was originally made from twigs or reeds woven together. Nowadays, it can be made from plastics too. If your wicker patio furniture is going to be placed outdoors, it’s better to opt for a synthetic material since it’s water resistant.

Light Weight

Wicker material is also very light, so you can easily arrange and move wicker patio furniture. Because of this, you can easily repurpose the outside space and what it’s used for.

Adding Edifices

You can also generate a rustic backyard theme by adding several structures to match your outdoor wicker furniture. Some popular edifices which contribute to creating a rustic-chic look are gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions. Your wicker patio furniture can be placed in these edifices as well, acting as pieces that unify the backyard.

Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your outdoor wicker furniture, as with anything else, can help you preserve its lifespan. There are 4 general steps to cleaning your wicker furniture.

Every so often, you need to brush away or vacuum the dirt in the wicker. The second step is to trim pieces of wicker that are sticking out. After all this is done, wipe down your wicker furniture with water and soap (if it’s synthetic, you can get away with hosing it!) Last but not least, be sure to dry the wicker. Synthetic wicker can be sun dried, but natural wicker needs to be spot-dried to prevent mold or mildew from growing.

Landscape design is an important aspect of creating a theme, but making a rustic-chic backyard is easy with wicker furniture. It’s a unique type of décor that balances unrefined and refined, transforming your backyard a timeless classic.