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Outdoor furniture covers

As the summer weather gets steadily warmer and sunnier, it’s great to get outside and leave the house you’ve been confined to for all those long winter months. Even the simplest backyard can be a great getaway for an afternoon of rest and relaxation – but wouldn’t it be even better to have your dream oasis waiting for you right outside your back door?
Creating your perfect backyard can be as easy as updating a few pieces of furniture and adding in a bit of shade to keep things cool as the temperatures soar.

One of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to completely overhaul your backyard and give it a fresh flair is to add some personality with new outdoor furniture covers. Add a cantilever umbrella (which will provide shade without interrupting the flow of your space) to the mix and you’ve got a completely functional, fashionable and frugal way to update your entire summer retreat.

Updated Form and Function

Outdoor furniture covers have come a long way in the last few years, and are now one of the fastest and easiest ways to update your outdoor décor – all it takes is a few new covers to give your space a cohesive and planned look that will have all of your neighbours hailing you as a design genius.

And if one-upping the neighbours is the name of your game, a cantilever umbrella is definitely the way to go. Where a typical shade umbrella runs through the centre of your patio table, interrupting the flow of conversation, a cantilever umbrella arches over your table from a single base, suspended from above so there is no ugly pole cramping the style of your carefully arranged table setting.

Here are just a few ways to work outdoor furniture covers and the ever-versatile cantilever umbrella into your preferred décor style:


If trendy contemporary is your favourite style of décor, look for neutral-coloured outdoor furniture covers with clean lines and sophisticated textures. Keep things minimalistic by reducing clutter and having just one or two impressive focal points for guests to envy, such as a large cantilever umbrella in an unexpected accent colour.


Pick your favourite set of colours and stick to that theme. Try updating your patio furniture with outdoor furniture covers in bold patterns but with a solid colour, like navy blue or forest green, and choose a cantilever umbrella that complements them.


Summer is all about bright colours, and incorporating them into your backyard décor can be a great way to embrace the season. Use outdoor furniture covers in bold colours (there’s no need for them all to match) and add colourful accessories like pillows to up the ante even further. Add an umbrella in a neutral colour to pull the whole look together and provide some shade.