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Give Your Patio a Creative Makeover With These Summer-Ready Ideas

A patio is more than a slab of concrete in your backyard. It’s a homeowner’s favourite outdoor space, and it’s where people can express themselves through their living space.

For homeowners who wish to make their patio truly stand out, there are plenty of options. In this article, we’ll share our favourite creative patio ideas with you, including special occasions to celebrate on your deck, creative patio upgrades, and style ideas.

Make the Most Out of Your Patio

Dinner Parties and BBQs

The BBQ is the classic summer outdoor celebration. The grill seems to magically bring people together. And with a new patio, your party guests will be beaming at more than just the food.

Backyard Camping

We don’t always get to go camping as much as we’d like. With a patio, you can the camping grounds straight to your door! Set up a tent outside, make s’mores underneath the stars, and have a ‘no phones’ rule to create an authentic camping experience.

Morning Lounging

If you’re an early bird, chances are you enjoy watching the sun rise. Why not make a morning ritual out of it? Grab a cup of coffee and chill out on the patio – if you’re not already a morning person, this will surely make you into one.

Evening Lounging

Just as you can watch the sun rise on the patio, you can also watch it set. Late night gatherings are more fun on the patio – especially if you have a fire pit to keep your crew warm.

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Creative Patio Upgrades

Canopy or Pergola

Enjoying a hot summer day on the patio is nice, but don’t you wish you had a little shade? A canopy can do that.

Pergolas are a huge trend in the world of backyard renovations. A pergola is a structure with a fan-like covering, letting rays of light through without compromising the shade it provides.


Railing can provide a ton of benefits your patio. It can provide a touch of privacy and improve your deck’s overall appearance. Plus, if you have any furry friends, they’ll be compelled to stay on your deck with a protective railing.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a home chef who loves spending time outdoors, we have good news for you: you really can get the best of both worlds right in your yard. Outdoor kitchens are becoming incredibly popular, as homeowners are installing appliances on their patio.

Outdoor Living Room

If traditional patio furniture isn’t your thing, why not furnish your yard like it’s an actual living room? Items like sofas, cushions, rugs, and throw blankets can transform your outdoor space into the ultimate relaxation zone.

Poolside Makeover

A pool instantly makes a yard more enjoyable. Give your pool the chance to shine with a renovated poolside area. From a new deck to new furniture, it’s easy to make your pool area look resort-ready.

Garden Makeover

Get your ‘green thumb’ on and start planting. Flowers and plants are one of the most fun ways to add liveliness to any patio. Our favourite creative planting strategies include flower beds, hanging plants, and rows of tall plants. Happy gardening!

Patio Shapes

Spare the square, and take a creative approach to shaping your patio. It’s becoming more popular to pick interesting or abstract shapes for your yard – and it might even increase your home’s sale value!

Trending Styles

Thinking of giving your patio a creative makeover? These are the styles that homeowners are falling in love with. Give your favourite a try!

Natural Look

To pull off a natural-looking patio, pile on the plants and flowers. You may even choose to make a vine-based wall. Eco-friendly furniture pairs with this style perfectly.

Monochromatic Style

To pull off a monochromatic patio, decorate with shades like cream white, graphite black, and steel grey. You may choose to add an additional accent colour for a unique twist.

Colour Explosion

To pull off a ‘colour explosion,’ blend colours together and decorate with patterns. This option is perfect for anyone who wants their patio to be the most fun spot in town.

Home Away From Home

To pull off a ‘home away from home’ style, think of a place that matters to you – a city, a country, or any particular area. Choose decorations and furniture that connect you to that place. That way, you’ll feel like you’re travelling each time you slide your back door.

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How Patio Comfort Can Help

At Patio Comfort, we sell backyard furniture for every style. No matter what direction you plan on taking with your yard, we’ve got everything you need to transform your patio.