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Yes, we’re serious!

Did you know that the coldest day on record in Ottawa was set in January of 1957? That day, the temperature fell to -37.2 degrees Celsius! Anyone living in Canada knows that winters can get quite cold, so, the question, can I use my balcony during winter, might seem a little silly.

However, our answer to that question might surprise you. If you love your balcony and want to find unique ways to use it during the coldest months, keep reading for small balcony winter ideas.

You might be slightly sceptical at the thought of using your apartment balcony in winter; however, we’re serious. There are several things you can do to make your balcony a small winter haven.

You’ll need to consider things like heating, furniture, storage, and a few other things. However, first, we need to discuss a four-letter word you’ll either love or hate.

What’s that word? Snow.

Prevent Snow Buildup

Using your balcony during the winter is great, but if there’s snow on your balcony, it will make it difficult.Yup, shocking. In midwinter, the snow accumulation can reach up to 21 centimetres in Ottawa. So, what do you do to keep it off your balcony?

There are a few methods you can utilize.

First, you could create an enclosure around your balcony during the winter months to keep snow out. However, if that’s not an option, you’ll want to remove snow after storms using a broom, shovel, or ice scraper.

Make sure that if you’re dumping snow off your balcony, it’s safe to do so, and that’s there no one walking down below. Another way would be to put the snow in a bucket and jut toss it in your bathtub.

You can also choose to invest in heated outdoor mats. These will help to melt snow and keep you from having to do the hard work.

How To Stay Warm?

Keeping snow off your balcony is excellent; however, how do you stay warm in the dead of winter? There are a few options to help you with this as well.

Space Heater

A space heater can help keep your balcony toasty warm. However, you want to make sure that you safely choose the right space heater for your balcony.

If you have a larger space, you can get a freestanding patio heater that will help to keep your space warm. However, if your space is smaller, you might want to consider a hanging or wall-mounted space heater.

You want to ensure that your space heater won’t touch or sit too close to anything that’s flammable. This includes furniture and clothes.

Heat Lamp

An outdoor heating lamp can be stylish and give a solid solution to keep you warm, and your space lit during the winter. As you’re choosing a heating lamp, you should consider some of the same factors you’ll consider with a space heater.

Make sure that you remain safe no matter what heating element you choose.

Small Firepit

Even if your balcony is small, there are still firepit solutions available. A firepit is a great solution to help keep you warm and cosy on a cold winter day.

Have Storage Nearby

It’s important to have storage nearby as you convert your balcony for winter. Not all of your items will hold up well in the cold, and you want to store them safely so that when you’re ready, you can use them again.

Having storage on your balcony will also allow you to store little things you’ll need for your firepit, or that you enjoy having with you on your balcony.

Area Rug

If your balcony is concrete, the floor will become cold very quickly. Utilizing an area rug will not only help with that, but it will also add that extra piece you might need to pull your design together.

Quality and Comfortable Furniture

When you use your balcony, you want to make sure that you are comfortable. However, you also want to ensure that the furniture you buy is going to last for a long time.

However, not all outdoor furniture can withstand the elements in the winter. It’s essential to understand how to protect your outdoor furniture during the winter.

What Materials Are the Most Durable?

When it comes to choosing your balcony furniture for the winter, make sure that it’s heavier. This will prevent the winter winds from blowing your furniture around and causing damage.

Cast Aluminum is one of your more durable options. However, if that’s not your style, you won’t be limited to it during the winter.

Also, consider these furniture options during the winter:

Blankets and Cushions

Blankets and cushions are also an excellent addition to your winter balcony. Blankets will help keep you warm, while cushions will give an extra level of comfort.

However, you might want to consider storing these items when you’re not using them to keep them from getting damp.


Make your balcony festive with decorations throughout the winter. There are a variety of decorations to consider.

Holiday Decoration

Whether you put up a small tree for winter or decorations for Valentine’s day, having decorations on your balcony can give it a festive feeling. Find small decorations that can handle the cold and possible moisture and liven your space up.

Lighting, Strings and Lanterns

Having a good lighting source is excellent, especially if you enjoy using your balcony in the morning or evening. During the winter, when the nights are longer, finding lighting, strings, and lanterns will give your space nice soft lighting.

Winter Plants

You could even convert your balcony to a winter garden. Choose winter plants like poinsettias to give your space an extra splash of colour and warmth.

Bold Colours

Winter can become quite grey and dreary. Make your space warm and lively by choosing bold colours that will ignite your imagination.

Enclosing your Balcony

You can enclose your balcony during the winter to help create the perfect space. A balcony enclosure will help keep snow out and hold the warmth in.

You can use clear hanging plastic and tarps to help enclose your balcony. However, be sure that you check in with your landlord first about what you can and cannot do.

Can I Use My Balcony During the Winter? The Takeaway

Can I use my balcony during the winter? The answer is a resounding yes.

Start enjoying your balcony even during the winter with the tips above.

Are you ready to start furnishing your outdoor space? Patio Comfort has what you need. Start shopping with us today.