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Contemporary wicker patio furniture on a modern patio.

From Resin to Cast Aluminum, Follow This Guide to Choose the Right Outdoor Patio Furniture

The cold and clingy winter will finally be leaving soon, and before we know it, spring will be in full bloom. With the warm weather fast approaching, many families are looking for ways to make spending time outside more enjoyable and relaxing. And one of the top ways to do so is by investing in comfortable, quality patio furniture.

Outdoor patio furniture is a great way to add comfort and style to your backyard. But with so many different options, what kind of furniture will you choose?

The most popular types of patio future available include:

  • Cast aluminum,
  • Wrought iron,
  • Teak,
  • Resin,
  • Wicker,
  • Sling patio furniture, and
  • Acrylic-based fabrics.

The type of patio furniture you choose will depend on several factors. So to help you decide which is best for you and your patio, follow these tips for buying and maintaining patio furniture and ensuring your selection provides comfort, durability, and style to your backyard this summer.


When it comes to narrowing down your choices for outdoor patio furniture, the three most important factors to consider are space, location, and budget.

How Much Space Do You Have?

The size and shape of your outdoor patio space will affect your choices. So what are the most practical types and sizes of furniture for your space? You want to make sure you’ll have enough room around your furniture to walk safely and comfortably.

For example, a bistro set would work well for a small balcony, patio, or porch, whereas a regular dining set and outdoor couch can fit on large decks and patios.

Maybe you only have space for a couple of loungers, an umbrella, and a small table. Or maybe you have the space to transform your backyard into an outdoor living room, fully equipped with a couch, loveseat, chairs, a dining set, and a fire pit.

Whatever the size of your outdoor area, there are patio furniture sets available to fit your space comfortably.

Where Do You Want Your Patio Furniture?

The location where you plan to use your patio furniture will help determine the type of material you should choose. Will the furniture rest on patio stones, a wooden deck, or on soft ground and grass?

Also, if an overhang, gazebo roof, or another shelter will cover your patio furniture, then you don’t have to worry too much about materials that aren’t waterproof or fade resistant.

Keep in mind that wood furniture will be susceptible to rot if left on the grass and exposed to the elements. And some metals will corrode if left fully exposed to the elements.

So if you can’t keep your furniture protected from the elements and you don’t have a dry storage space for your furniture, you’re better off choosing materials that can withstand the weather. Water-, mildew-, and rust-resistant materials are also recommended for patio furniture used around the pool.

Setting a Budget

Patio furniture should be considered a small investment for your home since it should provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment outdoors.

So try to buy the best quality of outdoor patio furniture that you can afford. If your budget is strict, consider materials that are less expensive like aluminum and resin patio furniture. And be sure to shop around for the best place to buy affordable patio furniture.

You can find affordable patio furniture that is durable, and, with proper care, will last a long time.


Resin patio furniture is both affordable and durable, with the added benefit of being low-maintenance. It doesn’t need much care, and it can withstand wet conditions. It’s also available in many styles, making resin patio furniture a big hit for patios of all shapes, sizes, and décors.

Choose resin wicker patio furniture for its strength and durability. Wicker patio furniture requires some maintenance but is easy to clean and has a fresh, classy look. It can withstand harsh weather extremes making it a good choice for Canadian residents.


Cast aluminum and wrought iron are also excellent materials when looking to invest in outdoor patio furniture. Manufacturers make their furniture rust-resistant so it can withstand harsh weather climates.

Cast aluminum is a good choice if you are looking for a modern, industrial look. And you can easily switch the cushions on aluminum furniture and give it a fresh new look whenever it suits you.


When choosing cushions for your patio furniture, look for fade- and mildew-resistant fabrics, like acrylic-based fabric. This fabric should also be chosen for umbrellas and other soft material items.

Acrylic materials hold up well in various weather conditions. So look for companies that sell Sunbrella acrylic, which is fade free and dirt resistant.


How much furniture you can store will determine what type of furniture you can buy. Do you have a large outdoor shed to fit outdoor patio furniture sets? Or do you have space in your basement or garage?

If you don’t have the storage space for patio furniture, consider buying furniture you can use indoors in the winter, or folding patio furniture that is compact and won’t take up much storage space in your home.

Otherwise, consider investing in a storage unit for your backyard (if it’s in your budget) such as a shed and chests to store patio furniture cushions. Having outdoor storage available will make your life a lot easier during patio season, especially if you choose to store your patio furniture, or at least your cushions, when not in use.

Storage Helps Maintain Your Patio Furniture

It’s also important to store your outdoor patio furniture properly during the winter to ensure its longevity. If you are buying real wood wicker patio furniture, store it inside your garage or shed during wet and cold seasons.

Store all cushions in plastic bags and ensure everything is kept in a dry space. Before storing, it is always wise to wipe down wicker patio furniture with a vegetable-based wood oil diluted with water.

Aluminum patio furniture can be stored outside year-round but must be covered during cold and wet seasons. So cover your aluminum furniture with a secured tarp at the very least, leaving space around the bottom for air circulation.

Before storing patio furniture, make sure it’s clean. It’s also a good idea to store your cushions when not in use during the patio season. If they’re wet, allow them time to dry in the sun before storing to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Outdoor patio furniture is a small investment that can provide many years of outdoor enjoyment for you and your family. Choose quality outdoor patio furniture sets that will last for many years. And if you want furniture that requires less maintenance choose cast aluminum or resin patio furniture, and don’t forget acrylic-based cushions!

If you follow these tips, you can expect your outdoor living space to be filled with comfort and class this summer and many summers to come.