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wicker patio furniture

wicker patio furnitureMost people choose to buy wicker patio furniture for their outdoor patios or decks because wicker furniture is very lightweight and allows plenty of air to flow through. The last thing you want on a muggy day is a muggy and sticky chair, and wicker is the exact opposite of this making it the perfect choice for any outdoor area. In addition, wicker furniture comes in a variety of colors so if you want to maintain a certain décor theme for areas where you entertain you should have no problems. The downside is that it usually only takes a few years for wicker to get worn down from outdoor exposure.
This is why you may want to consider outdoor furniture covers and other similar tips to help weatherproof your furniture. The most obvious way to protect your furniture involves simply buying some outdoor furniture covers that you can put over top of your wicker patio furniture when they are not in use. Great covers will reach down to the legs of the wicker chairs, sofas, or tables so that they can protect every single inch of the furniture. Any area that is exposed to the elements can get ruined and then in effect ruin the piece, so the trick is to make sure that your outdoor furniture covers fit your furniture perfectly.
outdoor furniture covers

There are also a few more things you can do that will help keep your wicker patio furniture from getting ruined by the weather elements quickly. For instance, in the winter make sure that you always put your furniture into a safe storage space. Even the best outdoor furniture covers are not going to protect the wicker through a harsh and long winter. Frost, ice, and snow are all tough enemies and you can defeat them by simply moving your patio furniture into a garage, basement, shed or similar area that provides shelter from the outdoors.
Simple tricks such as moving all wicker patio furniture out of areas of the yard where wind tends to blow can also help protect them. Windy areas will result in grit and dust getting into the wicker, but if you keep your furniture behind the home or in a sheltered area this will no longer be a concern. In addition, if you want your wicker furniture to last make sure to clean it on a regular basis because as an outdoor item there will be some dirt accumulation. Keep the dirt and grime from accumulating and the wicker will last much longer!