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Five Patio Style Ideas For The Coolest Patio On The Block

With summer in full blast, more Canadians are enjoying their gardens and outdoor areas. In a recent poll, 74% of the population said gardening was their favourite pastime. After all that hard work, you need a beautiful patio to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Whether your patio is big or small, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover. There are several styles you can try before you settle on a final patio design. With these simple tips and tricks, you can turn your patio into an outdoor oasis in no time.

Feeling stuck for patio style ideas? Here are five of the coolest patio style ideas to help you create the perfect outdoor space.

Mexican Style Patio

If you love vivid, warm colours then a Mexican-style patio could be a great choice for your outdoor space. A Mexican patio is community-centred with an emphasis on areas for socializing and eating. Traditional Mexican courtyards include fountains, outdoor cooking areas, and places for gathering.

The Materials & Elements

If you are designing a patio with Mexico in mind, it is important to include earthy materials such as wood and terracotta. Clay or stone tiles will give you an authentic look. Create an intimate courtyard feel with a wooden trellis covered with flowering vines.

Furniture & Accessories

Rustic furniture made from natural materials will help you achieve a Mexican look for your patio. Place colourful, patterned cushions on wrought iron furniture to add charm and character to your space. Select furniture that will allow your family and friends to gather in one area.

Earthy patio furniture and dining tables will help you achieve a Mexican patio design that will give you vacation vibes all year round.

Colours & Plants

A Mexican patio design is filled with bright colours that make you feel as though the sun is always shining. Mexico is home to an abundance of interesting plant life, including cacti, fruit trees, and flowers. Dahlias and other native Mexican plants will be an excellent and authentic addition to your patio.

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Industrial Style Patio

An industrial patio design is minimal and modern with exposed materials and artificial lighting. You can achieve this design by embracing brick and metal elements in your garden.

The Materials & Elements

The industrial style is a popular outdoor design choice with durable and sturdy materials. Metals such as iron, copper, and steel work well with this aesthetic. Concrete can give your patio an urban feel with distressed, worn tiles.

Furniture & Accessories

Industrial style furniture is low maintenance, durable, and good for all weather conditions. Play around with scaffolding and vintage lighting to achieve the desired effect. Industrial furniture pairs well with wicker seating and antique pieces.

Colours & Plants

Forest-style plants such as ferns and bamboo are perfect for industrial patios. Your theme should include neutral colours such as black, white, grey, and brown.

Boho Style Patio

Bring bohemian vibes to your patio with interesting patterns, fabrics, and plants. Combine natural materials with lively decorative elements for a laid-back, boho chic space. There are no strict rules for boho style, which makes this design idea perfect for free spirits.

The Materials & Elements

Rattan, wicker, and organic elements are favoured in the boho style. Relaxing layers of textures and colour help to create a fun and creative bohemian patio design. Natural, worn materials such as sisal or burlap work best with soft furnishings.

Furniture & Accessories

Bohemian furniture is inspired by 1970s style with bold prints and textures. Natural bamboo furniture goes great with patterned outdoor rugs and colourful blankets. Adding a fire pit is a great move if you want to create a cozy outdoor atmosphere.

Colours & Plants

To achieve a lively, whimsical bohemian design, incorporate earthy colours alongside fiery oranges, blues, and purples. Create a wild, jungle look with lots of plants and succulents. Embrace the mixture of colours and textures to build a beautiful, eclectic bohemian paradise.

How to Find Your Outdoor Furniture Style

Farmhouse Style Patio

If you prefer a more traditional, country-style design, then why not try these farmhouse ideas for residential patios? A farmhouse patio design is romantic, rustic, and relaxing! Add upcycled and handmade elements to your garden for a traditional and sustainable cottage-style garden area.

The Materials & Elements

Brick, stone, and gravel feature heavily in farmhouse-style patio designs. Decking and reclaimed wood will also help to create a rustic, homely feel throughout the space. A stone bird bath or planter is a great way to create a beautiful focal point that will also attract wildlife to your garden.

Furniture & Accessories

Elegant wicker furniture and wooden seating will transform your patio into a dreamy, farmhouse living space along with chunky knit blankets and soft furnishings. Give loungers a new lease of life with fabric covers and floral cushions.

Colours & Plants

Create a flower-filled patio area with enchanting canopies of climbing plants. Let your plants grow wild alongside pots of geraniums and petunias. Container gardening is a great way to add depth to your garden and transform small home patios or decks.

A farmhouse colour palette is inspired by the natural elements of the countryside. Include pastel shades that are reminiscent of the herbs and flowers you will find in your cottage-style garden.

Japanese Style Patio

Provide your loved ones with a taste of zen as they relax on your Japanese-style patio. Japanese gardens combine plants, ponds, and waterfalls to create the ideal place to reflect and meditate. A Japanese garden design is planned and executed with great detail to make the most out of your outdoor space.

The Materials

Japanese garden designs harness the power and tranquillity of nature. Avoid using any artificial materials in your garden for the most authentic Japanese patio design.

Furniture & Accessories

Select simple furniture pieces to complement your Japanese patio design. Modern patio furniture with clean lines is perfect for this kind of style. Rattan furniture provides a functional and stylish place to relax and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of your Japanese patio.

Colours & Plants

Trees, shrubs, and evergreens feature heavily in Japanese gardens. Moss and bamboo are great options for creating a relaxing and low-maintenance garden that you can enjoy in all weather conditions. Japanese maple and oriental poppies will look beautiful in natural stone planters on your patio.

Patio Style Ideas – The Takeaway

With these inspiring patio style ideas, you can turn your outdoor space into a relaxing haven that you can enjoy with family and friends. The most difficult part about designing a patio is deciding on a final design. With so many ideas to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

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