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A Guide to Maintaining Teak Furniture On Your Patio

Are you looking for a type of patio furniture that won’t wear down after a single snowstorm? Teak is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Teak is a beautiful and unique type of wood that is commonly used in for high-quality home products. This oily wood has a ton of protective properties that make it great for outdoor furniture. Homeowners in areas with changing weather conditions – scalding summers, harsh winds, and hefty snowfall – tend to fall in love with their teak furniture. It requires little maintenance and no covering across the four seasons.

Still, due to its unique characteristics, teak furniture requires a certain approach to care. Keep reading to learn about why teak furniture can transform your patio, and how to keep it in top condition. 

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What is Teak? 

Teak trees are tall and dense, and are found in places like India, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. The tree’s official name is Tectona Grandis.

Sometimes, these trees grow small white flowers in clusters – but it’s the wood that people really care about. The timber from teak trees is valued for its durability and appearance, making it a great material for patio furniture.

Benefits of Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is totally worth its value. Here are some of the reasons why it makes the best material for patio furniture:

  • Avoids cracking due to its density

  • Remains in good condition despite changing weather or temperature

  • Protects against pests due to its resin

  • Resists rot due to its oil content

  • Lasts for plenty of years without much maintenance

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Important Teak Maintenance Tips

Apply Sealant

Some people choose to add oil to their furniture once a year. However, teak already produces plenty of oil. For that reason, a sealer is far more advantageous than an oil product.

Sealer should be sprayed or applied onto the furniture before being wiped down with a cloth. Sealer will also protect the colour, so keep that in mind if you are hoping to age it out more.

Keep It Clean 

Fortunately, teak doesn’t get dirty easily, especially compared to other furniture materials. Still, it doesn’t hurt to give your teak some TLC once in a while. Plus, regular cleanings can protect your teak from discolouration or mildew. To clean, use a soft brush – avoid using a harsh metal, which would scratch the material.

Remove Stains

Wondering what material you should use to clean teak? You don’t need anything fancy — mild dish soap should do the trick. You may choose to purchase a teak cleaner for harsher stains, but don’t overpower it.

Taking Care of Teak During the Winter

Unlike other types of furniture, teak is durable enough to handle harsh winters. That means you can leave your teak out on your patio year-round, without a cover. Still, you may choose to give your teak a quick cleaning in the spring.

Restoring Teak’s Natural Colour

Over time, teak naturally fades from a smooth, sunny gold into a neutral silver colour. This does not indicate that the structure of the teak is changing or deteriorating in any way. However, you may prefer one of those colours over the other.

If you wish to restore your grey teak’s original gold colour, here’s what to do. First, scrub the teak with cleaner. Then, sand the surface lightly. This will reveal a new honey-tinted layer beneath what was previously there. You may choose to repeat this process every few months, but try not to overdo it. 

What You Shouldn’t Do With Teak

Teak is durable enough to handle plenty of what the world throws its way. Still, you should be careful how you treat your teak. Try to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Using teak oil – teak already produces enough oil on its own. Adding this product will lead to mold and mildew, and won’t make a difference in your furniture’s colour, like some think

  • Using varnish – this protective finish enhances many wood types, but teak is special and won’t benefit from most general wood-friendly products

  • User water-resistance sealers – since teak is already resistant to water, these products aren’t necessary

  • Pressure washing – this can damage the texture of your teak’s surface

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If you’re looking for furniture that can stay strong throughout the natural cycle of seasons, look no further than teak. From its density to its protective resin, there are plenty of reasons to appreciate this beautiful wood.

At Patio Comfort, we offer furniture in a range of materials that can transform your backyard. Our furniture options work for any budget or design, so check out our selection today.