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A piece of older patio furniture sits behind a table with a plant on it.

How You Can Give New Life to Your Old Patio Furniture

So you’ve just bought fantastic new patio furniture from Patio Comfort, but now you’re stuck with the old stuff. So, what do you with it?

Throwing it out might be the first thing that comes to mind. But instead of sending it to the landfill, why not reuse or recycle your old patio furniture? There are many creative ways to make the most of your old patio furniture.

Here’s why you should consider recycling your old patio furniture and how you can go about doing it.

Why You Should Reuse or Recycle Old Patio Furniture

Sometimes, patio furniture is too far gone to salvage. But if there’s even a glimmer of hope for your old furniture, don’t toss it to the curb!

The various materials used in patio furniture can sometimes make the disposal process complicated. If you were to leave your old furniture out for garbage pick-up, it could end up at your municipal dump, taking up space in a landfill.

Instead of putting your old furniture out on garbage day, consider the overall impact of these items in a landfill. Whenever possible, opt to repair, repurpose, donate, or recycle your old set of patio furniture.

This takes a bit of thought; you need to determine what each piece’s base material is and recycle accordingly. For example, if your old patio furniture is mostly metal, then contact a scrap metal dealer to pick it up.

Otherwise, consider these creative ways to reuse or recycle old patio furniture.

Repurpose Old Patio Furniture

The possibilities are almost endless for repurposing old furniture. If there’s something you need—even if you don’t know it yet—your old patio furniture can probably fulfill that need.

Here are just a few ways to repurpose your old patio furniture. And if it’s a real eyesore, a fresh coat of paint will do—but remember to use exterior paint if you’re keeping the revived furniture outside.


Transform your old patio chairs into planters, using the seat frame to hold baskets or pots filled with plants.

You can even transform your old outdoor coffee table into a planter, either with flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even grass to put your feet up onto.

Drink Stands

If you are short on outdoor patio space for a bar, use your old patio chairs as drink stands. Instead of placing plant containers in the seat frame, you can place buckets filled with ice and drinks for your next patio BBQ party.

Jewellery Storage

If the backs of your old chairs have small holes throughout, like on metal chairs or outdoor wicker furniture, you can reuse the chair backs as jewellery holders. Simply hang the chair back (after removing the seat and legs!) on a wall in your bedroom and hang earrings in the holes. If the chair is in need of an update, refresh its look with a coat of paint first.

Outdoor Swings

Remove the legs of an old chair and create a sturdy base by securing planks (or the old legs) under the seat. Then drill holes in the base, thread sturdy rope through the holes, and hang the chair from a tree or your porch for an outdoor swing.

You can even take it up a notch and transform your old outdoor patio loveseat into a porch swing. Just make sure your swing is secure to prevent any accidents.

Picture Frames

For a unique way to dress up your walls, consider using your old patio chairs for picture frames. Depending on their size, the backs of your old chairs can be used as picture frames. And if your old patio chairs are large, consider using them to frame large prints or posters.

Pet Beds

Does your dog or cat have a four-poster bed or a bed with a headboard? Probably not. But do they deserve one? Absolutely! You can transform old outdoor patio furniture into traditional, luxury beds. Use the back of a chair as a headboard and the legs as the bed posts. Or use four chair or table legs (think, upside down coffee table) for a four-poster bed.

Add comfy cushions, and your dog or cat can rest in total luxury.

Donate to An Artist

If you don’t have the time or the need to repurpose your old patio furniture, consider donating it to someone who does. There might be a local artist in your midst who repurposes old furniture for art.

So search online and post an online ad for free furniture on Kijiji, Craigslist, Freecycle, and other local pages, including on social media.

Sell, Or Give to The Kids

You can also try to sell your old furniture online or at a garage sale. Or if your kids have moved out and are in dire need of furniture, give it to them. They can use it on their patio, or even in their home if they lack living room or dining room furniture. Starter homes and apartments don’t have to be fancy!

Use at The Ice Fishing Hut

If you’re lucky enough to have an ice fishing hut, then spruce it up with your old patio furniture. Sitting on cushioned patio chairs is a lot more comfortable better than sitting on a beer cooler. The same goes for your cottage or trailer.

So now that you have some inspiration get creative and find a new use for your old patio furniture instead of tossing it to the curb!