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Get Ready for Spring and Summer with Exciting New Patio Furniture in Ottawa!

It may not feel like it now, but spring is just around the corner, and before you know it, you’ll be putting your patio to all kinds of use. But are you satisfied with the setup you have now, or do you think it could do with a serious update? 2016 will see plenty of exciting new trends, and Ottawa patio furniture retailers think that there’s no better time than now to redecorate and breathe new life into your outdoor spaces. When this spring and summer roll around, will you be taking advantage of exciting new designs and colour pallets, or will you just settle for the same old patio?

Warmth and Comfort

For a few years now, the trends for patio design and furnishings have tended towards an industrial and Spartan look that has ultimately left many people cold with its rigid sense of strict utilitarianism. Not that things shouldn’t be utilitarian—but it’s great when they look inviting too! Clean lines and usefulness are still in favour, but so are natural materials like reclaimed wood, or wicker and rattan, which are both incredibly lightweight yet durable. Handcrafted pieces are always in style and continuously growing in popularity. The transition to these materials represents a union of usability and utility with the kind of comfort that feels soothing and nourishing to the soul.

Bold Colour Pallets

Regardless of whether your patio furniture in Ottawa is wood, teak, resin, cast aluminum, wicker, or another material, you still need to add cushions. Now, those old forest green or navy blue cushions that came with your patio set are not only starting to wear out, but they were never very exciting to begin with. You could make things more vibrant and lively by picking a new colour. However, for best results, you should chose a whole pallet of different colours that work together across various elements of your patio to bring it to life. You can work it around a theme, around a pattern you love that incorporates several colours, or even off of a single colour you just completely love.

Mixing and Matching

At one time, it was considered the best practice to have everything matching. Every piece of furniture had to be from the same set to give things a look of completion. But the truth is, things don’t have to be so rigid! In fact, sometimes opposites attract and create something better than either could do on its own. We’re not saying you should just jumble thing together all helter-skelter, but if you find the best complement to that wood table to be the resin chairs, embrace it!
2016 should be an exciting year for patio furniture in Ottawa—what will you do with yours?