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Outdoor furniture covers protect your outdoor patio furniture, protecting it from wearing down.

Keep Your Outdoor Patio Furniture Looking Good As New For Years To Come

With cold, rainy weather in the forecast, now is a good time to invest in outdoor furniture covers. Strong winds and persistent rain can take quite the toll on outdoor furniture, so protecting the investment you’ve made is worthwhile. Covering your furniture in the offseason can add years to its lifespan, ready and waiting for you in warmer seasons.

Not all protective covers are created equal, though, so it’s important to do your research and understand what you need. Here are a few helpful things to look for:


You might have assumed this is a given, but double-check—some covers won’t be described outright at waterproof. Make sure you find a product that’ll keep your outdoor furniture dry if you can’t get it into a shed or under cover, or if your furniture is outside year-round. Check for piping at the seams and vents to minimize condensation.

Size & Shape

Outdoor furniture covers provide maximum protection while fitting snugly. Covers should not be too tight, though, especially if you’ve got a cover matched to your furniture. Take careful measurements and try finding products with straps and adjustable hems to perfect the fit. Zippers, ties, or Velcro fasteners are all common to these covers.

Durable Materials

This is closely related to waterproofing and UV protection, but is a bit more basic: you don’t want covers that’ll rip or fall to pieces with the slightest strain. When it comes to materials, there are a number of common fabric options, each offering unique benefits and characteristics:

  • Marine polyester: water-resistant and durable, often used on boats or where water is permanently present. Check its mildew resistance and UV protection.
  • Marine vinyl: a very durable marine-grade vinyl fabric, which is water-resistant. An additional benefit—it also blocks UV light.
  • Canvas: a naturally strong fabric. Ask whether the product is machine washable, and if it is resistant to mildew, mold, and UV rays.

UV Protection

Never underestimate the power of the sun. Ultraviolet light will degrade your outdoor patio furniture over time. Look for covers that block the sun’s rays; this will help keep the finish and colour on your furniture vibrant for years to come.

Once you’ve found the perfect covers, use them and care for them. Follow the instructions and consult the care labels for regular maintenance tips. Store your outdoor furniture covers in a dry place when they are not in use.

Make it a habit to check the weather forecast to cover your outdoor patio furniture prior to summer storms or before a rainy fall spell. Are you moving your patio furniture into storage for the winter months? Leave the covers on to prevent scratching. Keep these tips in mind to keep your patio furniture looking as good as new for years to come.