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Teak furniture in Ottawa makes for long-lasting and stylish patios.

Weatherproof, Stylish, And Durable, Teak Furniture Is Great For Ottawa Patios

With the right chairs and tables, patio furniture can really tie your whole backyard and deck together, adding character to your home in the process. Figuring out exactly what sort of furniture you want to use can be a challenge, but picking teak is always a reliable decision. Teak furniture is a great choice for Ottawa homeowners, as the wood is naturally weather-resistant (allowing you to leave it outside, even during Ottawa’s notorious summer thunderstorms) and looks great with many design choices. Teak furniture is wonderful for creating a casual or contemporary look for your patio and dining area.

Here a few reasons why teak is a great choice for Ottawa patios:

Strength and Durability

Teak furniture is exceptionally strong and durable, often lasting a lifetime in a wide range of climates. This will be especially appreciated for all of the climates Ottawa has to offer, from frigid cold, to damp humidity, to the scorching hot days of summer. Teak is also quite a low-maintenance furniture, as it requires no preservatives, paints, or varnishes to keep its beautiful look going strong.


Teak’s natural high oil and tensile strength give it weatherproof qualities, meaning you won’t have to worry about covering it or bringing it in during a rainstorm. These natural oils form a protective barrier from the elements without the use of sealers and finishes—in fact, teak has been a go-to wood for boatbuilding for over 2,000 years, which should give you a sense of its resiliency. Teak furniture in Ottawa is also resistant to heat, which is a welcome feature in the summer sun.


Teak furniture just looks great on almost any patio. It has tremendous colour variation, ranging from a deep, rich amber to a beautifully weathered silver-grey. This means that it can pair well with just about any backyard, offering a sleek and complementary look to tie the whole scene together (it’s also quite comfortable!).

With all this in mind, it’s worth noting that teak oil (a manufactured oil used to treat various types of woods, not to be confused with naturally occurring oils in the wood itself) often contains naphtha, a toxic component that is both colourless and odourless. While teak itself is naturally safe, teak oil can be extremely dangerous for human and animal consumption. If you want to treat teak furniture, opt for teak sealant instead—it won’t put you or your pets at risk.

All that being said, teak is a wonderful option to furnish your backyard or outdoor dining area. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding teak furniture in Ottawa, don’t hesitate to contact your local patio furniture outlet for information or costs.