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woman relaxes on patio lounger chairs near water

The Ideal Poolside Furniture to Complete Your Backyard Oasis

It’s every pool owner’s dream to create the perfect oasis in their backyard. But after the pool is installed, there’s one last missing piece of the puzzle – furniture!

Poolside furniture makes spending time in your backyard comfortable, so you can truly enjoy your backyard oasis to the fullest all summer long.

For inspiration, here’s what to look for when furnishing your outdoor oasis, including the best materials for use by the pool.


Instead of choosing furniture willy-nilly, keep these considerations in mind so you can find the best furniture to make the most of your backyard oasis.

Your Intended Use

The type of patio furniture you choose should suit your intended use. So, how do you plan to spend your time outdoors? Will you be spending time with friends and family, playing in the pool? Or, enjoying relaxing, quiet time to yourself?

Will you be eating outdoors often, or just lounging outdoors?

How you plan to spend your time in your backyard will determine whether you need dining furniture or lounging furniture, and it will also determine the amount of seating you’ll need.

Are You Planning to Entertain a Lot?

If so, you’ll need enough comfortable seating, shade, and a dining area for entertaining guests.

Water Resistance

Poolside patio furniture should be water-resistant since it will be in a moist environment, and there’s a good chance swimmers might sit down in their wet bathing suits. So when choosing furniture, look for water-resistant furniture and fabrics.


Though lightweight patio furniture is easy to move around, if it’s too light, it could end up blowing into the pool on windy days. So the ideal poolside furniture is medium weight—not too heavy to move around, and not too light to get blown into the pool.


You probably have some furniture design ideas in mind when thinking of your dream backyard oasis. So use your vision for colours, materials, fabrics, and styles when choosing your patio furniture. With so many options available, there are sure to be at least a few sets to suit your outdoor décor vision.


Even the most stylish furniture should be comfortable. Furniture is designed for resting on, so don’t skimp on comfort when choosing your furniture. There are plenty of furniture sets with thick, comfortable cushions and designs created, especially with comfort in mind.


With so many patio furniture options available, here are the top types to make the most of your outdoor oasis this summer:

Furniture Sets

Outdoor furniture sets come in a variety of styles, sizes, functions, and combinations. These sets include:

  • Bistro sets, with a small table and 2 chairs;
  • Dining sets, with a dining table and chairs for 4 to 12 people;
  • Outdoor living room sets, with sofas, love seats, armchairs, lounge chairs, coffee tables, side tables, and/or ottomans;
  • Bar stools;
  • Lounge chair sets with side tables.

You can find a set or two (or three!) depending on the size of your backyard, pool deck, and patio areas.


The outdoor living room furniture available today is as functional and attractive as indoor furniture. Outdoor sofas are available in various styles, colours, patterns, and sizes, from small love seats for two to large sectionals to fit your whole family comfortably, while perhaps sitting around a fire table or fire pit.

These sofas have comfortable, water-resistant cushions, so you don’t have to worry about thoroughly drying off after a dip before sitting down. And many come with matching ottomans that provide extra storage.

Cantilever Umbrellas

Part of staying comfortable outdoors all summer is having enough shade to escape the sun’s hot rays. And a cantilever umbrella will provide plenty of shade without taking up much patio space. These umbrellas are heavy enough so they won’t blow over. And they can tilt so you can still get shade no matter the sun’s position in the sky.

Sling Chairs

Sling chairs are a favourite for poolside patio use. These chairs usually have waterproof mesh material and sturdy aluminum frames that are not too heavy to move around. They also have a high back, armrests, and a gliding feature so you can sit up straight or glide back (or rock) and relax whenever you please.


Loungers, also known as chaise lounges, let you sit back and relax even in your wet bathing suit. Loungers are available in water-resistant materials, such as synthetic wicker, or aluminum or resin frames with thick, comfortable, water-resistant cushions. These loungers are ideal for sitting by the pool, reading, enjoying a drink, and drying off after a swim.


Poolside hammocks are the ultimate luxury furniture for your outdoor oasis. Hammocks provide a comfortable spot to relax, nap, and enjoy the breeze on a warm summer day, while also adding a pop of colour to your backyard décor.

If you don’t have trees to hang a hammock, you can find a portable wood or metal hammock stand to suit your backyard décor. And there are various types of hammocks to choose from depending on the look and feel you’re after—from rope and cotton hammocks to water-resistant nylon or quilted hammocks.


The most popular patio furniture materials to enjoy poolside due to their water-resistance include:

Synthetic Wicker

Synthetic wicker has the same beautiful style of wicker furniture but is water-resistant and low maintenance. It is perfect for poolside use since it can be easily moved and won’t rot when wet. It’s also easy to clean and available in different colours to suit a variety of backyard designs.


Resin is a popular material for outdoor patio furniture since it is low-maintenance, rot- and rust-resistant, and durable for use outdoors and in wet environments. You can also dress up your resin furniture with water-resistant cushions to enjoy after a swim.


Teak wood furniture is not only resistant to warping in heat, but it’s also resistant to rot. So it can be left outside and poolside without worry. The high oil content of this beautiful wood also makes it resistant to cold, mildew, and pests—such as termites. So if you want to leave your teak furniture outdoors all year long, you can.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum is rust-proof, strong, durable, and modern, making this a favourite material for outdoor poolside furniture. It’s also low-maintenance, easy to clean, and resistant to strong winds and harsh weather.

Use these outdoor furniture ideas for inspiration when choosing furniture for your backyard. Your backyard oasis won’t be complete until you have comfortable, attractive, and inviting furniture for lounging, chatting, dining, sipping cocktails, and enjoying many summer days and evenings by the pool.