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people standing outside enjoying a patio party beneath an overhang

Tips for Planning the Ultimate Patio Party

Whether you’ve recently renovated your outdoor patio and want to show off the results, or you are simply looking to get more use out of your outdoor space, a patio party is a perfect excuse to enjoy the warm spring weather and spend more time with friends and family.

But planning an outdoor patio party is different from planning a traditional indoor dinner party, and requires a bit more work and planning to pull it off successfully.

So keep these tips in mind when planning your party so you can throw an amazing outdoor patio party that your guests will enjoy.



An outdoor patio party isn’t complete without mood lighting. Lighting provides an ambiance and opens up outdoor spaces at night. It also helps guests see better, so there are no tripping hazards in the dark.

Outdoor lights come in a variety of styles. And outdoor rope lights are especially popular for backyards since they are string lights in a protective plastic casing. This flexible plastic shell provides a weatherproof barrier for the lights so they can be left outside rain or shine.

Consider hanging these rope lights around your backyard to light up every corner of your space. And for the dining area, consider hanging café lights across the open areas to create a false ceiling effect and enclose the area to feel more like an outdoor room.

Patio Furniture That Is Comfortable and Looks Great

Comfortable patio furniture is key for keeping guests happy all evening long. There is a variety of outdoor furniture and cushion designs that are both comfortable and stylish. And don’t forget to place tables, such as side tables, near seating so guests can easily put down their food and drinks in reach.

Have Enough Seating for Every Guest

Make sure you have enough seating for every guest at the party, including yourself! Also, try to include seating options in different areas of your outdoor space to cater to everyone’s preferences. Maybe some guests would rather sit around the dining table, while others would prefer to sit in the lounge area or garden for more intimate conversations.

Keep Mosquitos Away

In the weeks leading up to your patio party, dump any standing water around your property to remove the breeding grounds for mosquitos. And consider setting up a couple of fans on the day of your party to keep the mosquitos away—mosquitos tend to stay away from the wind.

If it’s a bad mosquito season, you can also provide your guests with mosquito-repellant wipes.


As mentioned before, outdoor lighting can create an ambiance in your yard. So hang string lights, use lanterns along pathways and to illuminate steps, and add tea lights to the tables.

If you have a pool with coloured LED lights, you can turn these on to set the mood. A fire pit or fire table is also another attractive option for a warm, bright ambiance and focal point in your yard.

Shade from the Sun

While many of us welcome the warm embrace of the sun after a cold winter, no one enjoys being stuck in the sun for too long. So consider adding shade to your patio with an awning, canopy, pergola, or patio umbrellas. This shade will give your guests relief from the sun’s heat and bright light.

Outdoor Friendly Materials

Weatherproof and durable materials are ideal for use outdoors. From furniture to table settings, you can find a variety of styles and colours to create an attractive outdoor décor.

Whether you want a formal dining room look or fun, bright colours, there are durable plastic dishes available in all kinds of designs, and that won’t break easily if dropped on patio stones.

Outdoor fabrics for your furniture should be thick—like canvas and vinyl—fade-resistant, and ideally, weather-resistant too. Cotton-canvas is more comfortable than canvas on its own. And you can use vinyl furniture covers to protect your furniture when not in use.

Maximize Space

Maximize your outdoor space by arranging furniture in an organized way that reduces clutter and promotes the flow of traffic. Also, use furniture that is proportionate in size to your space, so it doesn’t overcrowd it. Less furniture will make the space look and feel much larger.

Consider dividing your outdoor space into defined sections, such as a dining area, a lounge area, and a bar area, with enough open space for people to stand and move around if they wish. Also, place food strategically so guests can have easy access to it without causing congestion.

Signature Drink

Choosing a signature drink for your party is always fun. Consider what your guests might enjoy, and also offer non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Signature drinks could include sangria, champagne, punch, or another fruity cocktail that’s easy to make in large batches, and that can be served in bowls or pitchers at the drink station.

Simple, Easy to Eat Food

Foods that are easy to eat—such as handheld foods—go over well at outdoor parties. So consider this, along with your guests’ food preferences and dietary restrictions, when planning the menu.

You could set up a buffet with veggie and fruit platters, a cheese plate, mini quiches, and other two-bite hors d’oeuvres. You may also want to fire up the grill for burgers, hot dogs (and veggie dogs), and kebabs.

Tidy Landscaping

Tidying up your landscape is just like tidying up your house and making some much-needed finishing touches before having guests over. So clean up debris, mow the lawn, pull out weeds, trim shrubs, replace that cracked patio stone or wood plank in your deck, and finish a walkway that needs finishing.

If there are any eyesores in your yard that you can’t fix immediately, like an old fence, consider hiding these eyesores with potted plants, shrubs, and flowers.

With these tips in mind, you can make your outdoor patio look amazing while ensuring your guests are comfortable and having a great time. So get ready for patio season and start planning your outdoor party so you can celebrate the warm spring weather when it finally arrives.