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What Patio Furniture is Best for Outdoors?

Imagine creating an oasis right outside your home. An oasis where you can enjoy the warm weather, relax in the sun and entertain your friends and family.

If you give your patio a transformation with the best outdoor furniture, that’s all possible. But the job is easier said than done. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing patio furniture.

Here is your definitive guide to buying outdoor furniture for your patio oasis.

Think About Your Needs

Before purchasing new outdoor furniture pieces, take a second to think about your needs. How do you want to use your patio, and what pieces will you require to make that happen?

Are you looking to create a space where you can relax after a long day? You may want to consider lounging pieces where you can put your feet up. Or is your patio going to be more of an entertainment centre? Then consider a sofa set or a dining table.

You’ll also want to consider logistical questions like space, budget, and lifestyle.

How Much Space Do You Have?

It’s no question that a large backyard patio can have much more furniture than an apartment balcony. The amount of space you have to work with will inform what pieces you can choose.

Large backyard patios could have lounge chairs, sofas, a dining set, and a firepit. As for balcony furniture, you may only be able to have a bistro table or two chairs.

You’ll also want to consider the size of the furniture in relation to the space you have. You should have enough space around each piece of furniture to walk around. Nobody wants to feel squished when they’re trying to relax.

What Is Your Budget?

How much are you willing to spend on your patio furniture? You should treat buying patio furniture like a small investment, but you shouldn’t break the bank. Take time to decide how much you can afford to spend.

A stricter budget doesn’t mean you have to choose low-quality pieces. Instead, look for less expensive materials like aluminum or resin. Finding durable pieces at a lower cost takes a keen eye.

How Much Time Do You Have For Maintenance?

No one wants to spend all the beautiful weather caring for their patio furniture when they could be relaxing in it. The key to choosing low-maintenance pieces is to look at the material.

For example, resin and resin wicker are durable and water-resistant. This means your furniture won’t develop mould or mildew. Both materials are easy to clean and can withstand weather extremes.

These properties allow your patio furniture to be less maintenance for you to keep up with, so you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to worry about regular upkeep.

Do You Need Extra Storage?

Storage during the harsh winter months helps to better maintain your patio furniture and ensures longevity. Allowing furniture to sit out in the cold, wet weather can cause cracks, discolouration, and mildew growth.

Keeping it inside during the cold months allows the furniture to be in good condition when you bring it out for the spring and summer. So, do you have a designated place to store your patio furniture?

Consider a basement, garage, or shed to keep your furniture in during the off-season. Water-tight chests are great options for cushions.

Think About The Weather

For outdoor furniture, the weather where you live should be an essential consideration. Do you live in a place with lots of rain, high winds, or excess sun? What’s the weather during the seasons you aren’t using your furniture?

These are all questions to keep in mind as you choose patio furniture.

Strength and Durability

Choosing durable materials is a way of protecting your investment. These materials often last longer and require less maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your patio furniture for years to come.

Look for furniture that’s rust-resistant and can withstand the harsh weather conditions of the summer.

Cast aluminum, wrought iron, and stainless steel resist rust and moisture damage. Hardwoods like teak, shorea, and white oak are weather resistant and durable.

Quick-Drying and Resilient

You won’t always be able to bring patio furniture inside when the weather gets rainy. So, if you have cushions on your patio furniture, it’s—again—all about choosing the right material.

Look for materials that are fade-resistant, quick-drying, and won’t mildew. Any cushions that have an acrylic-based fabric will do these jobs well. This is the same material that umbrellas are made from, so they hold up well in various harsh weather conditions.

What Colour and Style Did You Have In Mind?

Once you have the logistic details down, it’s time to consider the colour and style of your patio furniture. For many people, this is the fun part. And there’s no right or wrong style to choose.

Dominating current trends are clean, modern lines of mid-century and industrial-style furniture. Natural and coastal styles often use wicker. And you can find wrought iron furniture in more ornate styles.

As for colour, neutrals like black, grey, and tan are always in style. But don’t be afraid to add a pop of colour with shades of blue, yellow, green, or red.

Where Exactly Do You Want The Furniture To Be?

Where you place your patio furniture is another important factor. Will your furniture sit in your yard directly on the grass, or will you have it on the hard surface of a patio? Is your space covered by a roof or gazebo, or is it exposed to the elements?

If your furniture is tucked around under a roof, you won’t have to worry about fading from the sun or getting bogged down by rain.

But if your furniture will be left unprotected from overhead coverage, you may want to consider durable materials that won’t succumb to damage from water, mildew, or rust.

Pool-side patio furniture should also be resistant to water, mildew, and rust.

The Takeaway

The best outdoor furniture is an investment in your dream lifestyle. Whether you like to be the entertainment hub or enjoy relaxing after a long day, choosing the right patio furniture is vital.

You shouldn’t only focus on price, style, or durability. Instead, you should weigh all of these considerations equally to find the ideal pieces for your home and lifestyle.

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