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Tips For Maintaining Your Balcony Furniture

Did you know that wrought iron has been around since the 3rd century BC? Back then, people used wrought iron to smith weapons and armour. Today, we use it to create beautiful balcony furniture and fences.

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor furniture, wrought iron is especially unique. There is nothing cheap about wrought iron patio furniture, in comparison to plastic patio chairs and tables that easily crack and fall apart.

Keep reading and learn more about what makes this kind of patio furniture special.

Why Choose Wrought Iron Balcony Furniture?

Wrought iron is a soft yet durable form of iron. Cast iron is much too hard, which is why you don’t often see furniture made out of it (although cast iron cookware exists). Because wrought iron is the softer variety of the two types of iron, manufacturers can shape it in many ways to create very attractive furniture designs.

In addition to its style, wrought iron outdoor furniture is very durable. But the benefits don’t stop there.

The Benefits

Wrought iron doesn’t have to be black. This kind of furniture can come with all sorts of finishes and shades that can make the furniture pieces truly unique. For that reason, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a set of iron furniture to match your patio’s style.

Wrought iron furniture is also very sturdy and heavy. For that reason, you’ll never have to worry about your chair or table blowing away in the wind or falling over and breaking. Finally, wrought iron furniture will last you a long time.

As long as you maintain the iron, the furniture should last you many years.

The Disadvantages

As with any other type of furniture, wrought iron has some disadvantages.

The biggest disadvantage has to do with rust. Wrought iron will eventually rust if it isn’t sealed. Most pieces of iron furniture are covered with a sealant that will prevent this from happening, but over time, the sealant can degrade and moisture can seep into the iron.

For that reason, you’ll likely have to seal the furniture yourself at some point. This can be annoying to do, especially if you have a busy schedule.

How Do You Care For It?

To keep the rust problem at bay, you will need to paint your iron furniture every so often or at least apply some kind of sealant. That way, moisture won’t be able to touch the iron and cause it to rust.

You will also need to keep it clean. Otherwise, dirt and grime could cause the iron and its paint to decay.

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How To Refresh It?

Wrought iron outdoor furniture maintenance can take some effort, but you’ll find that it’s worth it since iron furniture is so sturdy. To make sure the iron stays in good shape, you’ll want to wash it every so often. Be sure to use a gentle soap and a wet rag when doing this.

As long as the furniture doesn’t have any rust, it should be relatively easy to clean. The main goal is to remove any dust or any other dirt particles that may be stuck to the furniture. Then, rinse the furniture and dry it with a rag.

Drying the furniture is important. If you leave the water to sit, it might cause rust.

How To Protect it?

To protect your wrought iron furniture, you’ll preferably want to keep it out of places where it can get wet. If you find that there’s a storm coming, bring your wrought iron furniture to a dry place. That way, the rain won’t increase the chances of your furniture rusting.

Of course, making sure that the furniture is sealed is important as well. If you think that the sealant might be coming off, don’t hesitate to give your furniture a new layer of sealant. That way, moisture won’t be as much of a problem in the first place.

Removing Rust

Once rust forms on your furniture, it can be hard to remove, but it’s not impossible. You will need to scrape the rust off in order to remove it. You can do this very effectively with sandpaper.

Be sure to wear a mask when scraping the rust away. Otherwise, particles of rust could end up in your lungs which is not ideal.

Can You Paint Them?

You can certainly paint wrought iron furniture. In fact, painting this type of furniture is important for keeping it protected.

Once you clean away all the rust and other debris from your furniture, you should be sure to paint it. Doing so will keep the iron sealed and it will prevent any more rust from forming.

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Keeping It Shiny And New

To keep your furniture shiny and new, you’ll want to keep up with it. If your furniture starts looking a bit dull, try washing it every so often with soap and warm water. This will remove any dust and dirt and bring back its shine.

If the paint or sealant starts to chip, don’t hesitate to reapply another layer to keep it looking great. Touching up your furniture will eventually become a habit and it won’t take up much of your time at all.

The Takeaway

When it comes to balcony furniture made of wrought iron, you will find that it is much more durable and stylish compared to furniture made of other materials. However, you will need to maintain it once in a while, otherwise, it might start to rust.

To learn more, contact us here and check out what kind of great wrought iron furniture Patio Comfort has to offer.