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Cantilever umbrella set up in the backyard patio of a home.

Stay Cool in a Small Space With These Ideal Umbrellas

In a big city like Ottawa, large outdoor spaces can be hard to come by. Some people get lucky with a small backyard or some sort of rooftop garden, but most of us are stuck with tiny apartment balconies, several stories above the ground and with no grass to speak of. Our dream outdoors havens seem like impossibilities with such a limited amount of space, but the reality is that even the smallest of outdoor areas can be an oasis – all it takes is a little creativity.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to turn a tiny outdoor space into paradise is to invest in a cantilever umbrella. It may seem like an odd choice, but it starts to make sense if you think about it.

A cantilever umbrella, which you can find at many Ottawa patio umbrella stores, is very different from the traditional umbrella that everyone knows. A typical patio umbrella stands vertically from a central base, often through the centre of an outdoor table; a cantilever umbrella, though, hangs overhead, suspended from a curved or angled stem that is attached to one base.

What this means is that you can push the base of the umbrella off to one side, while still receiving all of its benefits – perfect for small spaces.

Here are just some of the things a cantilever umbrella, like one from an Ottawa patio umbrella retailer, can offer your space:


This is one of the biggest bonuses you’ll get from having an umbrella in your space: privacy. Especially with apartment balconies, where your space is directly beside several other balconies with absolutely zero privacy, an umbrella can act as a buffer between you and your neighbour’s wandering eyes. Imagine sitting on your balcony on a lounge chair, shaded from view by a beautiful umbrella – it doesn’t get much more private than that.

If you’re still not convinced, though, check out a local Ottawa patio umbrella retailer to look at all of the various sizes (and patterns!) that they have to offer.


This is another big ticket item for a cantilever umbrella. Shade can be hard to come by when you’re dozens of floors above ground, with nothing to cast its shadow on your tiny balcony. Protecting yourself from the sun’s harsh UV rays is worth the investment. Ask your local Ottawa patio umbrella retailer about adjustable varieties so you can make the most out of one umbrella.


Ultimately, having an umbrella on your balcony is about creating an inviting oasis in a space you never imagined could work. With a little creativity, any space can be somewhere that you’d want to spend your afternoons. No matter how small your space is, your local Ottawa patio umbrella retailer should be able to help you find something that works for your space.