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side by side imaes of a small patio beautifully decorated with furniture and a fire pit

Tips for Transforming a Small Balcony into An Oasis

Apartment and condo living is great, but it can be difficult to have a small balcony and not know what to do with it. Small balconies can feel limiting, but with the help of expert furnishing companies that specialize in patio furniture like Patio Comfort in Ottawa, there’s always a way to beautify your patio. Read on for tips on how to maximize space, make your patio seem more private, and even turn it into a whole other living room (or at least an extension of your existing one!).

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Add an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is the best accessory to cozy up any space. Especially if your balcony is sheltered, your outdoor rug is likely to not get much condensation on it. Outdoor rugs are also affordable and are always washable. Just put them in the washing machine, and you’re good to go.

Foldable Chairs

Foldable chairs are home furnishing companies’ gift to small space dwellers. They’re so easy to pull out and tuck away whenever needed, and they hardly take up any space. If your condo’s balcony is limited in space, opt for the folding chairs and store them as needed inside a closet, taking them out whenever you have company.

Smaller Furniture Pieces

If you’re strapped for space in your condo’s balcony, opt for narrow furniture such as narrow love seats and side tables. You can also make the most of your space by using smaller outdoor furniture such as side tables and small chairs. Opt for stackable chairs and nesting tables to save even more space.

Add a Cozy Outdoor Couch

Curl up on a couch outdoors, even if your space is limited. A special two-seater or even a chaise lounge is all you need. Wicker two-seaters are a chic and cozy option, and if you are blessed with a little more space to accommodate this or have a long, narrow balcony, you can go wild and choose a sectional. Sectionals are a modern and funky aesthetic that is ideal for entertainers.

Double Duty Furniture

Double duty furniture works to keep space freed up for other details. Using a side table that can also double as a comfortable low stool or backless chair is a great example of double duty furniture. A footrest that has storage in it and can also be a chair or side table is another great example.  If you’re smart about the furniture you pick, you might not need more than three or four small pieces to create a multifunctional set while maintaining a lot of space.

Hanging Planters

Plants and hanging plants are very fashionable patio options. It’s easy to turn your small balcony into an oasis by hanging a few planters from the ceiling and filling them with low-maintenance plants such as aloe or ferns.

Add Lighting

Make the golden moments count with a bit of extra light. Outdoor lighting can set the mood and give you a little extra brightness after the sunsets. Hanging lanterns from the ceiling and stringing fairy lights around the railings of your balcony, or on the protective screen can add a bit of ambiance and magic to your outdoor hangout spot, making you never want to go back inside.

Be Strategic

Place your furniture strategically to make it feel like it isn’t taking up an overwhelming amount of space. Ensure that the passage to your condo’s interior isn’t blocked. If it is, that will only make you feel frustrated towards your balcony and its lack of space.

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Avoid Too Much Clutter

Don’t clutter your balcony, especially if you’re strapped for space. Remember to put things away after you’ve used them, but more importantly, if you can double any of your outdoor furniture as additional storage, do so to store things in your backyard, avoiding an overly-crowded scene.

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Add a Pop of Colour

Whether it’s with a huge plant like a monstera or it’s choosing one or two more colourful accessory or furniture options such as an umbrella or chair, a pop of colour is a great addition to your balcony. We recommend going for a nice colourful outdoor rug, and maybe hanging a lantern alongside your lights and hanging planters.

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Add a Privacy Screen

Whether you’re investing in wood panels, solar shades, bamboo or any other detailed screens, privacy is always a great idea. If you have pets or toddlers, this could also be used as another safety measure allowing everybody to enjoy your balcony, worry-free. This will also give you added privacy from your neighbours and passers-by on the street.

With the above tips and tricks, you’re going to love your new patio space. Anything can be made beautiful and homey, you just need to look to the right places like Patio Comfort to achieve the aesthetic you’re seeking.