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Additions To Your Patio That Guests Will Love

Regardless of the season, there’s no better feeling than being able to spend time outdoors and showing off your space when entertaining your guests. But if your patio parties are starting to feel a bit basic, why not kick things up a notch and turn your space into haven for outdoor soirees?

To help you in your patio makeover journey, this article will give tips and tricks for upgrading your backyard or terrace to better accommodate guests all year long.

Backyard Upgrades That Are Perfect for Entertaining

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Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Add some grilling to your chilling with an outdoor kitchen! Outdoor kitchen systems are easy to implement if you have the space for them and are customizable to suit your needs. You can add a grill, ample counter space, in some cases a stovetop, a built-in mini fridge (perfect for wine) and if plumbing allows for it, a sink! Just think of the endless options you’ll have for hosting dinner parties with your state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen!

Covered Dining Area (Gazebo/Pergola)

Say goodbye unexpected rain ruining your outdoor experience. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also playing it safe when you add a gazebo or pergola to the mix in combination with a nice dining area. Whether you’d like to enjoy your meal in the shade, want to spend time outside without the risk of rain ruining your food, or you just enjoy the aesthetic, a gazebo or pergola is a great addition to any yard.

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Upgrade Your Furniture (Dining Set + Cozy Lounge Furniture)

Sometimes, you just need new patio furniture. Start with a beautiful dining set that will accommodate at least four people, making sure its materials are sturdy and easy to manage. Pair it with a special two-seater or even a chaise lounge. Wicker two-seaters are a chic and cozy option, and if you are blessed with a little more space to accommodate this, or have a long, narrow balcony, you can go wild and choose a sectional. Sectionals are a modern and funky aesthetic that are also perfect for entertaining. Many dining sets combine the two ideas, giving your patio furniture a multipurpose feel which also, in turn, saves space.

Add an Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug is a quick way to cozy up any space and give it a home style aesthetic. Especially if part of your patio is sheltered, your outdoor rug is likely to not get much condensation on it. Outdoor rugs are also affordable and are always washable. Just put them in the washing machine and you’re good to go.

Cantilever Umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas are not only versatile, but they’re modern-looking and easy to move if need be. They give the perfect shelter and deliver a dreamy aesthetic reminiscent of a tropical beach. Cantilever umbrellas are also perfect for that one guest you have who doesn’t like too much sun.

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Outdoor Fire Pit

Toasting marshmallows, telling ghost stories – what doesn’t come to mind when you think of a big blazing fire-pit outdoors? From creative camping style snacks for the kids (and the adults) to a romantic ambiance for you and your partner, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is a nice addition to your cold-weather patio for those chilly nights. You can buy an elevated pit which not only looks good, but is easy to store when not in use, or opt for a built-in fireplace with brick walls if you have the space for it.

Hot Tub

There is nothing better than the contrast of a hot tub against colder weather, especially when you need to soothe your muscles from working in the yard so much, raking up all the leaves. A hot tub pairs so well with your favourite drink, and can be a way for you to enjoy your outdoor patio with your closest friends. Be sure to keep it covered up when not in use so that leaves don’t collect in the water, and keep a broom nearby to sweep them off before removing the cover.

Outdoor Lighting

Make the golden moments count with a bit of extra light. Outdoor lighting can set the mood and give you a little extra brightness after the sun sets. Hanging lanterns from the ceiling and stringing fairy lights around the railings of your balcony, or on the protective screen can add a bit of ambiance and magic to your outdoor hangout spot, making you never want to go back inside.

Screened-in Porch

Screened-in porches do so much for so little. They give you the option of hanging out in your patio during the winter without facing the elements (just add space heater!), and they also provide a safe and scenic space during a rainstorm, or when you need to cool off from the extreme heat. They also provide a great aesthetic, conjoining the best of the inside and outside worlds.

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With these easy upgrades, you can keep your patio warm, enjoy your backyard in the winter and fall, and also make as much use of your patio for year-round entertaining! With excellent resources and online stores, your options are endless with what you can do when it comes to patio life. Start to map out your ideas and get creative to enjoy your patio until the last possible moment!