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wicker patio furniture

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Can Give Your Patio an Upgrade

If you’re among the 70.6% of Canadians who own property, keeping your home in top shape is likely a high priority. This doesn’t just mean keeping your home interior in good shape. It also means sprucing up your outdoor living spaces to give yourself a summertime oasis.

The best wicker furniture Ottawa has to offer is ideal for those who want a versatile and durable patio furniture option. Read on to learn how these styles can help you create a patio theme.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture Can Give Your Patio an Upgrade

Wicker furniture is made from vines, grasses, and plants. The material, rattan, comes from a tropical palm tree family indigenous to Southeast Asia. It has a vertical grain, making it a strong and durable material even when cut into segments, dried, and woven.

Wicker furniture is made from woven rattan that has been steamed and bent into shape. Some manufacturers also use bamboo or reed rather than rattan.

This makes sense since wicker refers to the design process of the material. You can come up with any furniture shape and invest in wicker furniture made to look exactly as you want it to.

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Contemporary furniture themes draw on modern trends to look fresh and fun. The style features a lot of bold, clean lines, simple colours, and minimalist design schemes. Wicker furniture may not be the first thing that comes to mind when buying contemporary patio furniture, but it has the classic and simple aesthetic that you’re aiming to achieve.

Wicker furniture also looks awesome when paired with colourful decorative accents. Simple, brightly-hued wood tables and block planters make your patio the focal point of your backyard.

Beach Theme

Most people associate beach and nautical imagery with coastal towns and homes. However, you can give your patio a calming seaside vibe with the best outdoor wicker furniture Ottawa has to offer. Blue, white, or beige wicker chairs and couches look excellent paired with cool-coloured pillows and cushions.

Combine these wicker styles with brightly-coloured outdoor umbrellas to complete the beachy feel. You also may like to add an outdoor fire pit or some string lights to give your patio the same fun-loving feel that a beach party would have.

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 Zen Garden

Zen gardens have been a calming and spiritual place for people to relax since the 6th century. If you’re interested in reducing your stress levels and adding more peace to your life, you can use Ottawa outdoor furniture to create a zen garden design scheme on your patio.

Grab some white or green wicker furniture and throw some naturally-patterned cushions on top. Leaf designs are delicately beautiful, as are florals. Accessorize with an Asian-style canopy. Since wicker is weaved from plant stalks, you can easily add bamboo lamps and other accents for a magical and calming vibe.

Rustic Porch

Since wicker furniture is so comfortable, it’s perfect for cosy summer nights with friends or a good book. Rustic style decor is ideal because it provides a homey feeling that’s natural and casual. Rough, aged aesthetics can make your patio look comfortable and relaxing so that you can make the most of warm nights.

Combine your favourite wicker furniture with soft lighting. String lights and faux candles are both great choices, especially when they illuminate accents with natural brown and green hues. Shabby chic baskets and antique lamps can help to make this classy look as cohesive as possible.

How To Match Wicker Furniture With Your Existing Decor

Unfortunately, Canadians can only enjoy patio season for a few months out of every year. That’s why it’s important to make the time you have count before you put your favourite wicker furniture away. To make the most of your time outside, you’ll need to pair your furniture with the existing design scheme of your home.

But how can you match wicker patio furniture with your overall outdoor style? The answer lies in both the hues you use and the patterns and textures you choose.

Focus On Colours and Patterns

The best wicker patio furniture Ottawa homeowners can find comes in a variety of different colours and patterns. Natural white and wooden hues go with virtually any design scheme. Black is also a great choice if you’re going for a sleek and modern look.

In most cases, simple neutral hues work perfectly for wicker furniture. You can spruce them up with cushions that match your aesthetic.

Green is perfect for calming natural vibes while blue looks great if you’re going for an outdoor beach aesthetic. You also might like vibrant yellows and reds if you’re looking for an exhilarating social space that goes well with a fire pit.

Make sure that your pattern also matches others around it. If you have striped cushions, don’t pair them with a checked rug that you already have bought. Instead, get a solid-coloured rug to bring out the stripes of your new cushions to prevent clashing.

Don’t Ignore the Textures

Wicker furniture is diverse and comes in many textures. Those going for a rustic vibe may like something with wood-look grain. People who prefer something natural-looking might like the hand-spun look of classic natural wicker.

Minimalist enthusiasts can also choose wicker furniture that’s been smoothed out to look contemporary. These styles will still have the gorgeous aesthetic of spun wicker without the heavy textures that it often comes with. It’s clean and simple, making it perfect for minimalist-minded homeowners.

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Why Is Wicker Furniture a Good Idea?

There are several reasons that Ottawa homeowners should invest in wicker furniture over alternatives. Some of the most important include:

  • Versatility of design and styles
  • The simplicity of wicker care (not much maintenance required)
  • Made of natural, environmentally-friendly materials
  • Inexpensive compared to other alternatives
  • Lightweight and easy to rearrange into new configurations
  • Extremely comfortable and long-lasting

Since wicker also pairs well with virtually any other furniture or accents, you’re sure to get something that makes your space feel cosy and comfortable all summer long.

Wicker Furniture Ottawa: The Takeaway

The top wicker furniture Ottawa homeowners can buy is a great choice for several reasons. It’s comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and versatile. Now that you understand this versatility and have some ideas on how to style your patio the right way, it’s time to get started.

Our experts are committed to helping you choose the best wicker furniture to match your preferred style and existing decor. That’s why we’re excited to discuss the many options available to you. Contact us with any remaining questions that you have and to get help choosing the perfect chairs, tables, and accents for your outdoor space.