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Keep This In Mind When Winterizing Your Backyard

Winter in Canada lasts five to six months on average with freezing temperatures.

Because of this, Canadians have to think ahead to prepare for their homes. This includes winterizing their aluminum patio furniture for the cold weather. This is just one aspect of caring for aluminum patio furniture in Canada.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is very durable, but you still have to take care of it. Like any other kind of outdoor furniture, you should have a maintenance routine to ensure they are kept in the best shape.

Keep reading to find out how to care for cast aluminum patio furniture.

Use the Right Cleaner

You should be cleaning your aluminum furniture often. Typically, owners need to do this once or twice a year, depending on how dirty each piece gets. On the bright side, patio furniture cleaning costs for aluminum pieces are quite affordable.

Many people use a simple solution of white vinegar and hot water. You’ll want to start by wiping the furniture down from top to bottom, making sure to focus on the dirtiest areas. If you do this regularly, you won’t have as much grime to clean, making it a faster job.

You only need minimal furniture cleaning supplies, which you may already have at home. Cleaning aluminum furniture is important to prevent it from rusting.

Aluminum furniture can rust if it becomes dirty and grime is left to build up.

Eventually, the aluminum corrodes and can create extensive damage from rusting.

If your aluminum furniture has stains, you will need to buy a special stain remover. This is used to help by removing furniture stains. Anything from tree sap to grease is removable depending on the specifics of your chosen stain remover.

As long as you care for your furniture, removing stains won’t be a frequent practice. Though it is a good idea to too this once a year as needed.

Wash Covers and Cushions

Before you can even begin cleaning your aluminum pieces, you need to strip them of any covers. Most aluminum pieces will have a cushion attached or a cover and it’s important to wash these as well.

You can put the covers or cushion in your washing machine with mild detergent for a fresh feel. You could also wash these items by hand with dish soap or gentle shampoo.

Some cushions and covers can be dried with a dryer, but some cannot. So you will need to follow the instructions on the care label, and either use a dryer or air dry them.

Never put wet or damp cushions or covers on your patio furniture. Make sure everything has completely dried beforehand.

Shine Aluminum Patio Furniture

Once you have cleaned your aluminum patio furniture, you should finish off your maintenance routine by giving it a good shine. In doing so, you’ll buff the surface to create a shine so that it looks fresh and new.

Experts recommend doing this with a combination of hot water and cream of tartar powder. You can create a paste and use a cloth to buff the surface with the paste.

Then all you have to do is wipe the surface off and dress the furniture with fresh cushions and covers. Making sure everything is dried and placed in the sun.

Shining your furniture isn’t necessary, but it does make a huge difference. It’s a great practice to do every time you clean your patio furniture.

Shining will keep it in good condition and will have your patio set looking brand new every season. It will also keep scratches and damage under control so that they don’t collect grime.

Winterizing Aluminum Patio Furniture

Now that you know how to clean your aluminum furniture, you also need to winterize it. Canada has long and harsh winters, and you want to prepare your patio furniture.

To winterize aluminum patio furniture, there are a few things you need to do. This is very important in increasing the lifespan of these pieces of patio furniture.

Cast aluminum furniture is heavy-duty, but it can be damaged like anything else. If it is going to last a long time, you will have to care for it.

Clean Everything

To start protecting aluminum patio furniture for winter, you should first clean it. Make sure you have removed any grime and build-up so that it is fresh.

This is a good time to remove any staining, as well as polish the surface. When you do this, you can enjoy fresh and clean furniture once winter is over. Be cautious, and make sure you allow it to dry after cleaning.

This also includes any furniture covers and cushions that you may have washed.

Cover the Furniture

One of the best things about aluminum patio furniture is that it can be left outside. It is made to withstand all kinds of weather, even snow and rain. So you can technically leave this furniture outside all winter without having to worry about it.

As long as you place it in a safe area where it won’t be damaged. However, you do need to buy outdoor furniture covers for these pieces. These will protect your pieces from Canada’s harsh elements throughout winter.

These covers should fit snugly over the furniture and be secured so that they stay put.

Any cushions and additional covers can be stored in a garage or your home during winter. You can keep covered patio furniture outside or move it inside to a shed or your garage.

The most important thing is that the furniture is covered, as this will protect it.

How to Care for Cast Aluminum Patio Furniture?

If you have aluminum patio furniture, you probably need to know more about upkeeping it. This is an important part of taking care of patio furniture if you want it to last.

Do you want to invest in some cast aluminum furniture for your patio?

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