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yellow lab sits on durable outdoor patio furniture overlooking a lake

Tips for Buying Patio Furniture That Can Stand Up to Your Pets

Dog parents know that our furry friends are just as much a part of the family as anyone else. But as cute as our pets are, their sharp nails and muddy paws don’t always know (or respect) boundaries and can damage your patio furniture.

It’s clear that we all love our pets, but we also love the pieces we pick for our homes and gardens, we thought we’d put together this article to give you tips on how to maintain a happy and healthy pet without compromising the yard setup of your dreams.

Important Factors for Furniture

Look for Removable Fabric Covers

Removable fabric covers are a foolproof way to keep your patio furniture clear of both pet and weather damage. They’re easy to store, and when you aren’t using your patio furniture, you can just leave them on.

Choose Hard Surfaces That Can’t Be Scratched or Chewed

It’s tempting to opt for all fabric or wood features for your yard, but they’re just asking to be roughhoused by your pup. Avoid the tantrum altogether by choosing hard surfaces that won’t show if your dog chews or your cat starts to scratch at the legs.

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Look for Pieces That Can Easily Be Washed

If you can find furniture pieces made from materials such as resin, you can easily wipe and wash them down after a storm or any accidents that may happen. Patio Comfort’s resin collection is very popular and durable, making it a preferred choice of material for patio comfort in harsher climate environments.

Avoid Wood and Wicker if Your Dog Likes to Scratch and Chew

If your dog is a chewer, then stay away from flimsy material like wicker or natural-looking features like wood. Instead, opt for something that isn’t easy to damage, like cast aluminum with removable cushion pads.

Choose Durable, Washable Fabrics

Ensure that your fabrics can withstand anything that’s thrown at them since they’re going to be staying outside. Whether it’s harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or stubborn red wine stains, you want a fabric that will be easy to wash when it comes to patio furniture.

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It goes without saying that this applies to muddy paws and young puppies who might have an accident on the cushions as well, but really, if you can get a wine stain out, you can get anything out.

Other Tips for Creating a Pet-friendly Patio

Create a Play Zone

The best way to keep your dog away from your patio furniture? Keeping them distracted. Whether you’re tossing a ball far, far away and turning it into a game of fetch between your pup and your family members, or you have a few toys or means of entertainment scattered in a designated area, be sure to let your dog know that is their reserved playing zone.

Have Lots of Shade

Dogs get frisky when they’re uncomfortable, in order to release frustrations. If you keep some shade in your patio area for your pets to relax in on hot, sunny days you can keep any outbursts of aggression towards your furniture at bay. A cantilever umbrella can do the trick, and it can also be easy to store and move around.

Grow Pet-Safe Plants

Growing plants that are safe for your pets can help diminish any negative reactions they may have to chewing on anything nasty (like getting sick all over your furniture). This is never a pleasant experience, and though you should be buying washable furniture covers, you still don’t want your dog getting sick all over your patio furniture.

Fence it In

If you want to be extra careful, consider fencing the seating area or the pup’s play area to create a clear boundary between your furniture and your dog’s freedom zone. During training, you can establish with your dog that the seating area is your area and that they don’t have any authority over it. It is more likely that they will act better behaved around the patio furniture when they are let in, or they will avoid the seating area altogether.

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Look Out for Safety Hazards

When you’re choosing your patio furniture, as well as anything else to amplify your household, keep in mind that all sorts of features on anything you choose to keep in your home and your yard can be a safety hazard. Whether it’s poisonous plants, or any loose bolts or features that can come off of the furniture with a little chewing (and then choking) or even the pesticides you use on your lawn, consider anything that can be toxic to your fur baby, even if it’s just outside in the yard.

If you have a pet, especially a hyper dog, don’t feel discouraged when it comes to creating the outdoor space of your dreams. It’s very possible for you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to spending quality time with your entire family and doing so outdoors, enjoying your yard space when the weather permits you to do so.

Especially if you live in a climate where winters are harsher and you need to take advantage of the lovelier moments, don’t sacrifice bonding with your pet or your decorating plans for the sake of preserving your furniture’s quality or your relationship with your dog.

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Remember, shop smart, and take all necessary measures to ensure your memories are happy, not stressful.