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Why the Cantilever Umbrella Is the Patio Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

According to many experts, spending time outside each day can seriously improve your health. When you have a patio, this becomes an easy and relaxing part of your schedule that you can look forward to. However, it’s important to invest in shade solutions that keep you cool, comfortable, and free of sunburn.

A 360 rotating cantilever umbrella is one of the best ways to relax in comfort and style. Read on to learn the basics of cantilever umbrellas and why you need to invest in a patio umbrella today.

What Is a Cantilever Umbrella?

Cantilever umbrellas are a type of patio shade made to maximize coverage. They have poles and bases placed to the side of your seating area. In some cases, they may also be behind the chair or outdoor furniture that you use to relax.

These shades do not have a pole in their center as traditional umbrellas do. Instead, the shade attaches to the side of a pole with a rotating arm. 360 rotating cantilever shades can swing in multiple directions and provide you with coverage even if you switch positions or if the sun moves.

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How Do Cantilever Umbrellas Work?

A cantilever backyard umbrella can tilt in many different directions. They easily move side-to-side, but forward and backward movements are also common for those shading themselves from the moving sun. The user can control their orientation with a button or crank.

Being able to decide on the precise pole angle means that you can easily use the umbrella at all hours of the day. It also means that you can enjoy your outdoor space on mildly rainy days. You can get coverage from the rain at multiple different angles to stay dry.

Why You Should Choose a 360 Rotating Cantilever Umbrella

There are many benefits of choosing a cantilever umbrella:

  • Simple setup since positioning doesn’t need to be precise
  • Flexible and changeable furniture and decor placement
  • No drilling holes in tables that need shading
  • Easy to reposition and operate
  • Perfect for pools and other inground fixtures
  • Larger than most traditional umbrellas
  • Visually appealing as a central design feature
  • No need to purchase a special table with a hole in it

Still, some benefits are greater than others, so it’s important to have detailed information about the top cantilever umbrella advantages.

Full Coverage

As we touched on before, cantilever umbrellas tend to be larger than their similarly-made traditional umbrellas. This makes sense since the shade can be placed to the side of a sitting area. It’s made to cover an entire large area to provide shade to large patio spaces, groups of furniture, areas surrounding a patio fireplace, or bigger outdoor pools.

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Because of their positioning, they also cast wider shadows than other shade types. If you want to lounge outside, you’ll have a lot of room to move around and position yourself comfortably. There’s no need to worry about getting hit by a moving sun and feeling hot or uncomfortable.

Traditional umbrellas are also fixed in a single position with a pole in the center. As the sun changes position, you won’t get any coverage at some points because the umbrella won’t block it out. This doesn’t happen with a cantilever umbrella since you can re-orient it for complete coverage at any time of day.

Cantilever umbrellas provide coverage in another way as well: temperature control. These shades block out anywhere between 75%-99% of UV rays, which means that they’re effective at keeping you cool even under cloudless skies.

Hanging Around

Since there is no pole at the center of a cantilever umbrella, you can place anything you like under it. While a pole would make it difficult (or even impossible) to shade a hammock or lounge chair, having a hanging shade makes this easy. There won’t be anything obstructing the center of your space, so you can easily place furniture in any position.

You also can place other interesting and useful features under your shade. Side tables are a great option for those that want to put a drink next to them while they relax. Mini bars are a great choice for those who want to have friends over for cocktails.

Since you can move things around to fit under the shade, you can also frequently change what’s under the umbrella at any time!

Lounging in Style

Functionality is important when choosing patio furniture. However, styling your patio the right way is also critical if you want to make your space your own. That’s why you’ll want to find an umbrella that goes with your pre-existing furniture and the decor features you love.

Cantilever umbrellas come in a wide range of bold colours. Whether you want a blue so bright that it matches the sky or a cheerful, sunny yellow, there’s an awesome option available for you. In some cases, you can also find cantilever options with interesting patterns and colour combinations that make for a stylish umbrella.

You also can get more stylish add-ons to make your umbrella look as awesome as possible. Multicoloured LED lights are essential for those who want to relax, socialize, or eat on a patio during the nighttime hours. You can also add to the sleek metal hardware of your umbrella with an adjustable support system.

Easy Storage

Cantilever umbrellas are also extremely easy to store. This means that you can keep them safe during the winter months.

All you need to do is remove the shade from the side post, fold it up, and put it in an indoor storage facility. A closet inside your home or an outdoor shed will work fine.

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Collapse the side post and the standing pole so they don’t take up too much space. You can set them in your storage area in the shade until it’s time for fun in the sun again.

The Takeaway

Now that you know why a 360 rotating cantilever umbrella is essential for any patio, it’s time to assess your options and start shopping.

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