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Why the Cantilever Umbrella Is the Patio Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

With spring finally reaching the nation’s capital, and summer on the horizon, you may be taking stock of your patio, considering what it’s got, what it needs, and most importantly, what you want from it. As much as you want to enjoy the sun this summer—let’s face it, Ottawa only has two seasons: patio season, and not patio season—you also know that you’re going to need a little shade from time to time. Maybe your old patio umbrella just didn’t do the job satisfactorily, or maybe it’s looking a little worn and frayed from years of loyal service. Either way, you’re looking for a new solution for shade, and a cantilever umbrella might be the best thing under the sun for you.

Casting a Wide Shadow

The most immediately recognizable benefit to this style of umbrella is that it has a very wide spread for providing maximum coverage. Whether you’re lounging with your favourite book or enjoying some hot and fresh barbecue with your friends and neighbours, you can get instant shade on the hottest of days with coverage that doesn’t disappoint. They’re also great for blocking harmful UV rays, and depending on the material used, can block anywhere from 75% to 99% of rays. Now that’s coverage!

Hanging Around

One of the most unique and convenient features of a cantilever umbrella is that, unlike standard patio umbrellas, it isn’t supported by a pole in the center—instead, it hangs from a support off to one side, leaving the entire area underneath it open. You can put anything you like under it! A hammock, a table, a chaise lounge, a mini-bar… the options are endless! This also makes it great for the poolside or for hanging over a hot tub, since the support won’t obstruct the pool deck or end up in the middle of the water!

Lounging in Style

So it’s convenient, it provides plenty of shade, but will it complement your yard? Of course! You can find gorgeous umbrellas in a number of bold colours, with hardware in sleek, modern finishes that will perfectly accent the décor that you already have—or the look you want to achieve as you redecorate your patio. They’re also available with plenty of features and add-ons, such as LED lights for late-evening gatherings, adjustable support systems, and more. They’ll blend perfectly into your yard, making them a true must-have addition for this summer!
If you’re not quite convinced about the value that a brand new cantilever umbrella presents for your yard or patio, then make a trip to your local patio furniture outlet today and see the wonderful and diverse selection for yourself—we’re confident you’ll find something that catches your eye!